Saturday, July 27, 2013

Purses and Personalities

Just a couple days ago, I noticed my mom and grandma's purses on our piano bench. The differences between their styles struck me. My grandma likes animals, animal print, and lots of sparkle. (My sister and I take after her in that way.) But my mom doesn't particularly like animals, is a very sensible person, dresses with comfort in mind, and likes just a touch of sparkle. I think that it is so interesting how personalities can be so different from generation to generation. It's just amazing how creative God is with people.


So, based off of the information I gave you, which purse do you think belongs to whom?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summertime Inspiration from a Tank Top

Today while I was out shopping at Kohls, I found this cute blue-striped tank top. I saw this hanging on the rack, and was my imagination was immediately sparked. This blouse made me think of summer, and what summer is about for so many people. Summer is about freedom- in so many ways. We celebrate Independence day in the summer, and we revel in our freedom and time off from school. And this is what I was feeling when I saw this shirt. This is an fun, carefree top that you can easily wear with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. And, there's an unexpected twist to this shirt!

As you can see, I meant what I said about an unexpected twist. Hehe... The back of this shirt has a quirky back that I found unexpected. This tank top is available at Kohls, and is from the Jennifer Lopez line. If you like this tank top as much as I do, then click through the pictures to be taken to the web page. There are other colors available too, if you don't particularly like this color. Do you have a tank top that you absolutely love in your closet?