Friday, May 30, 2014

Hunny Bunny- Weekend Challenge

Hi everyone!
Today I want to share with you a few photos that I have taken of my dog Hunny. If you are wondering why I spell her name like that instead of the proper way, then read on!
When I was little, we used to drive by this place called Hunny's Cafe, and I had a habit of trying to impress my mom by telling her that I could spell out words. One day, I told my mom that I could spell honey, and she waited for me to spell it. As we drove by Hunny's Cafe, I looked out the window and told her that honey was spelled "H-U-N-N-Y." It's been a running joke in my family ever since.
I wasn't even supposed to get Hunny. My sister wanted a puppy, so we went out looking for a black standard poodle. We found Emma a dog, but also unexpectedly found me one too! I like to think that Hunny chose me, because when the breeders put her in my lab, she put her little paws on my chest and sniffed my face, inspecting me. I felt like we immediately connected. I had thought that if I got this dog, I would name her Hunny, spelled just like that.
Hunny has been a part of my family for three years now. I got her when she was just a puppy, so she is three years old. As the years have gone on, I have gotten accustomed to her personality and the way that we work together. She's a bit stubborn, not very clingy (unless we have special circumstances), and kind of a pain to groom. But even with her imperfections, I love her- a lot. I call her by many nicknames, but one of my favorites is Hunny Bunny, because she used to hop around like a bunny! She's one of my best friends, and I think that she is a great dog, even though she can be less than obedient at times. 
As mentioned before in this post here, Hunny's favorite color is pink. So this picture is very much "her."
I think that she has the prettiest eyes, and the most adorable face, so these photos are going to feature some of her cutest facial expressions.

That's me in the last photo. Just taking a moment to close my eyes with my dog in my arms, that's all. ;)
Because it is Friday, it is time to issue a new weekend challenge! Your weekend challenge is to dress up in honor of your pet. It can be any pet that you have- a horse, a turtle, a lizard, or even a goldfish! Just find something to wear that is inspired by your pet. And if you don't have a pet, then wear something inspired by your favorite animal, or an animal that you wish was your pet. Send me a photo of you and your pet looking alike to
I hope to be receiving your photos soon!
~Kendra :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucille's BBQ and Hiking

Hi everyone!
How was your day? I started mine early, which actually is starting to grow on me. I enjoy getting up in the morning and getting my school done early, so I can focus on the rest of my day. Today I went with my mom to visit my grandma, who we call Nanny. We started the day with Nanny at Lucille's BBQ. I absolutely love it at Lucille's- the entire atmosphere is so southern, and I'm completely charmed by it! Especially because some of the restaurant has a southern, vintage vibe to it. That is where we sat today. Take a look!

These are pictures of the outside porch areas. Too cute!

Lunch was pretty fabulous as well.
I love their peach tea- and you can have the waiter fill up a cup to-go! I love that!

Their biscuits and apple butter is something that I always look forward to at Lucille's.
The main course- a pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. Let's just say that I was in my happy place.
After our day with Nanny, the three of us (Emma, my mom, and I) went for a hike. We really enjoy getting out and seeing nature, and getting some much needed exercise. It's so cool to walk around in the outdoors and enjoy all of the scenery that God has created!
One of our resting spots.

Our dirty, tired feet!

So that was my adventure of the day! It may not seem very adventurous to you, or even to me, but it definitely beats sitting on a couch watching TV all day! Now I get to sit down for a bit and relax.
I'll talk to you soon!
~Kendra :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Treasure Island- Weekend Challenge Complete!

Hi everyone!
The weekend is over, and Monday is back. But we can look forward to a new week full of new opportunities! I am looking forward to a fun week, even though I may not have anything in particular to look forward to.
So, did anyone complete the weekend challenge? I did start reading a book, but I haven't finished it yet.
I bought Treasure Island a couple of years ago, and I still haven't finished it! I'm not a fan of nautical books because they're fairly predictable- you know, sailing on the blue sea, some battles, and of course, a storm or two. I prefer more intricate stories, full of intrigue. I do like fun, fluffy books too, but I love a good adventure. I've tried reading this book twice, but failed to complete the book both times. But I'm vowing to finish it this time, even if it takes me an uncomfortably long time.
What are your favorite types of books to read?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Read A Book! -Weekend Challenge-

Hi all! Its Emma here. Lately, I haven't been blogging and I'm sorry about that. But..... now I am back!
Today, I want to review one of my favorite books.

"The Wide-Awake Princess"
 "The Wide-Awake Princess" is about a princess who was given the magic blessing/curse of being immune to all magic, so when her sister (who is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty) gets pricked with the needle of a spinning wheel, everyone in the castle falls asleep except for the Wide-Awake princess. The only way to break the sleeping spell is for the Wide-Awake princess to find her sister's true love and have him kiss her.
It's a very fun, unique take on some popular fairytale stories.
The book is written by E. D. Baker, an author of many other fairytale books. "The Wide-Awake Princess" is the first book in the series of three. I have the second book in the series, and while the third book just came out, I haven't yet read it (although I am DYING to read it!).
So that is my review on this book. Your weekend challenge is to read a book! It doesn't have to be any specific kind of book and you don't have to finish it this weekend, but send in a picture of the book you read or have started reading, and if you have finished it or have already read it before, write a small review. The e-mail you'll send the picture to is
Have fun!
-Emma out!!!-;D

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bookcase Design

Hi everyone!
How has your week been so far? Mine has definitely been busy! I've been getting up in the morning super early to get ready to leave to take my brother to work. But it has caused my week to be more productive, so that's a plus!
This week, I gave the top shelf of my bookcase a makeover, and I am really enjoying the results! My bookcase is something that I am always looking at (I'm a bit of a bookworm), so I figured that I could make it look better than it did originally. I wish I had taken a "before" picture...
Before, it had all of the books propped up vertically, all crammed in, begging for more space. I put the books that I didn't want in there anymore in my parent's bookcase, played with the directions that the books went on my shelf, added some accessories, and BAM! So much better! If you want to create a similar look, I would encourage you to do so. I absolutely love the way my bookcase turned out. Some of my tchotchkes finally found a home on this shelf, and I couldn't be happier!
If you decide to try this out for yourself, send me a picture! I would love to see it.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pink Challenge Completed!

Hello everyone!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, I think I got a lot accomplished and had a bit of fun too. Hopefully I'm going to have more fun this upcoming weekend, but for now, it's back to the grinding stone!
This weekend, I issued you a challenge to wear something pink. I completed the mission, and maybe you did too! I didn't receive any photos this time around, but that just means that I have to get some more participants!
I went to church on Sunday, and then came home and changed into my Cheshire cat t-shirt. I love the Cheshire cat, and this shirt is super comfy, so in all, I love this shirt!

Even my dog Hunny completed the challenge! I discovered that Hunny's favorite color is pink (no joke). I have placed items in front of her to choose from, like a pink towel and a blue towel, and she has always nosed the pink item! And one time I tried to trick her by putting nothing pink in front of her, and she just didn't touch anything! It's crazy!

I hope you had a great weekend, and a great start to the amazing week before us!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Artsy in Pink and Weekend Challenge!

Hi everyone!
Today, I took photos of Emma wearing what I like to call her "artsy" outfit. She's carrying a big messenger bag that holds her sketch pad, she's wearing a slightly oversized shirt, and she's totally rocking her slighty quirky, but fun, glasses.

I believe that our grandma bought this bag for Emma during her travels in Europe, but our dad gave it to Emma as a birthday present. Our grandpa quizzed us as to where Amsterdam is, and we both got the answer wrong until I looked it up. As it turns out, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands!
Emma and I have decided to add something new and exciting to our blog. We've decided that every Friday, we're going to give you a challenge to complete over the weekend. And if you complete the objective, you can send us a picture of you doing the challenge, and we will put it in a special post each week showcasing everyone who did the challenge! Taking a cue from Emma's outfit today, this week's challenge is to wear something pink!
If you completed the challenge for this weekend, send us a photo of you wearing pink to
Your photo will be used on this blog to showcase your awesomeness! :)
Now, the both of us will be talking to you all again on Monday. We're planning on taking the weekends off from now on. So, enjoy your weekend!
Go to it!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trend Alert: Tie-Front Blouses

As you may know, tie-front blouses are an item you'll need in your closet this summer. And not only that, but they are easy to style. I have about three in my wardrobe. My newest one, I got at Forever 21 and it is adorable! It was $14.80, so if you have a tight budget and want a trendy tie-front blouse, Forever 21 is your store.

Styling these blouses is super fun and easy! You can definitely get crazy and unique with these shirts. You can pair with skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans... Most anything! You can style a regular tank top dress and throw the shirt over it. With skirts you could try A-line, high low skirts, skater skirt, maxi- the list goes on. Here are some outfit ideas that are inspired by a specific style.

Boho: Tie-front blouse (neutral shades work better for this look), maxi/high low skirt, sandals or flip flops, flower crown/a circular head band pulled down over your forehead, gold jewelry, and cross body bags.
Note: Opal, turquoise, bangles, and lots of small gold rings are very boho, as well as an earth tone color palette.

Girly: Tie-front blouse, dress or skirt, ballet flats/oxfords/heels, girly headbands (for example, one with a flower or bow), rose gold, or pearl jewelry (practically all jewelry works for this look, but no goth or rubber band bracelets), and any kind of purse (just nothing dark, or studded).
Note: Floral, pink, purple, and pastels are very girly. Other girly touches include bows, lace, and hearts. Some cardigans will work with tie-front blouses.

Cowgirl/Country: Denim tie-front blouse (ones with lace backs are stylish; a gingham or plaid pattern is cute too), a lace skirt (if you don't have a shirt with a lace back, you can wear this), jeans/ shorts, (not a skirt with the jeans or shorts, I'm just giving you more options), cowboy boots, a cowboy hat (if you want to go all out), and jewelry (mainly copper, some silver).
Note: Plaid and gingham are very country. Incorporating these patterns with lace and denim is a very cute way to say "cowgirl."

Edgy: Tie-front blouse, denim shorts or jeans, leather jacket (if it's cool out), combat boots, chained or spiked jewelry, and practically any type of purse, except a clutch (extra points for studs).
Note: It's fun to combine the girly and edgy look by wearing the tie-front blouse with a skirt and combat boots. Then you can mix up your accessories- half edgy, half girly. And if you don't know what kind of tie-front blouse to wear with this look, look for darker colors, or greys.

Casual: Tie-front blouse (any print or color you like), jeans or shorts, tennis shoes, simple jewelry, and any purse you want (just not a clutch, unless it's a casual kind ie. not sparkly).


Tropical/Summer: A tropical print tie-front blouse, solid colored shorts or skirt, sandals, simple jewelry (so that it doesn't compete with the bright print of your shirt), and any kind of purse you like (except formal clutches).
Note: Fedoras would look very nice with this style; it comes across with a cool vacation vibe.

I hope that you are inspired to try one (or all) of these looks on for size. If you have a personal style that differs from one of these options and want some help picking out an outfit for your tie-front blouse, drop us a line at
I have to say, that these photos will send you to the original link, but as far as I know, all of these shirts are sold out. But you can still use them for an idea of what to look for. And if you have a certain style that you want, we can definitely help you track one down. Just email us at the address above.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skin Food Facial Srub

Hi everyone!
Today I tried this new facial scrub that I picked up a while ago. I have a tendency to buy things, and then wait for a while before I actually use them, especially with things that take time to use. I got this facial scrub from a place at the mall called Skin Food. It's a Korean brand, so if you look on the bottles of the products there, the writing is in Korean. But since they distribute to the US, there is a sticker on the bottle that gives you the information in English, so that's nice!
For this scrub, you just squeeze some of it out of the bottle, and apply it to your face in circular motions until you feel this gritty stuff in your hands. That is the exfoliation at work! I did feel some of that when I was using the scrub.
Just like with any scrub or mask that I've tried, there were no immediate effects. But this scrub did feel good, and I'm planning on using it about once or twice a week, to see if there is any change in my skin.

I'll be sure to let you know if I see any changes- good or bad.
~Kendra :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We're Here to Stay!

Hi everyone! We're baaack!
If you noticed, there are a few posts on this blog that have a little note at the beginning of them saying that they were originally from Our Runway. This was a blog that Emma and I put together for a little while, but then kinda dropped off of. We decided to stay true to Uniquely You, and post here all about our lives- and the fashion and finds that we discover along the way. So I hope you enjoy reading through our blog as we find our way again.
Thank you!
~Kendra :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Runway Post- Brown Trench Coat and Print Dress

Originally from Our Runway- February 14, 2014
Every Friday, I like to dress up a bit for my day. Maybe it's because Friday is kind of a long day for me, and I like to feel good about how I look. Or maybe because I'm out and about, and I like to look nice on my days out. On Fridays, I go with my mom and Emma to take my grandma (who we call "nanny") to get nanny's hair done at the hair salon inside of her senior citizen's community. I spend the morning doing school in the car or on a bench outside of the salon, and then afterwards we go to Marie Callender's to eat lunch. In between school and lunch is when Emma and I shot these pics.
I was excited that the day was cool, so that I could layer. I bought this trench coat about two months ago, and I am absolutely in love with it! It's this pretty brown color with trendy black sleeves, so it goes with practically anything. Whenever I wear this trench coat, I feel like a super-sleuth, but that wasn't the look that I wanted for that day, so I chose to combine my trench coat with a print dress, leggings, and combat boots.

I hope that this outfit inspires you to give the sleuthy staple a try! If you want more ideas on how to wear a trench coat, comment below and I'll make some more outfits with my trenches to give you some ideas.

Have a great day!
Trench coat- H&M (no longer available)
Dress- Target (no longer available)
Scarf- my dad's- ;)
Origami Owl necklace
Combat boots- Nordstrom (no longer available)

Our Runway Post- Striped Camel Jacket and Riding Boots

Originally from Our Runway- February 8, 2014
Hey everybody! How has your week been?
I went to the mall with a friend about a week ago and I bought this super soft and cozy jacket. I absolutely love the camel color in this coat and the vintage feeling I get from it. I allowed the jacket to take center stage by combining it with my denim skinnys, basic black riding boots, and a black purse. What do you think?

Have a great day!
Striped jacket- On sale for $33.98 Nordstrom
Skinny jeans- On sale for $19.99 Kohls
Riding boots- $49.99 Target
Purse- Kathy Van Zeeland (old)