Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Belong Here- Yellow and Cobalt Blue

You Belong Here

I really enjoy combining two different colors together. One of my favorite combinations is yellow and blue. What is cool about color combining, is that one color can be really light and mellow (like the yellow in this set) and the other color can be bold (like the cobalt). I think it makes a cool look.:) What colors do you like to combine? 

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy Friday!!! It's Emma, even though at the bottom of the post it says that it's Kendra. I hope you've had a great week. I have!

Sunday: is church, plus I went to my friend's house.

Monday: the usual, we go to a French class and do acting class.

Tuesday: co-op and Starbucks school, I get a pumpkin scone and tea. Then piano, but lately we have been doing dog training.

Wednesday: we go to our grandmas house and AWANA (approved workmen are not ashamed) + American Idol.

Thursday: day home!!! And school, after school our bible study + American Idol

Friday: grandmas house and school! Ugh! LOL.

Saturday: the last day of the week. No school, but I go to AWANA games. Third week into AWANA games.

But enough with crazy school. Time for fashion!!! This was what I wore on Wednesday. I really like it. I hope you do to! Oh and Happy Late Valentine's Day!!!!
Valentines day was fun! We have pics! We'll post them soon.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blast to the Past- American Girl Dolls

Last Sunday, Emma had her friend come over and play American Girl dolls. And before I knew it, I had dragged out my dolls from under my bed, and started playing with them! We were putting on a fashion show at first, but then it turned into a competition. The winner won the trophy below!

The first round was "Crazy Outfits". There were three contestants in each round, but I didn't take a picture of my doll's crazy outfit. We randomly chose two pieces from our doll's closets, and then crazied them up!

Emma's friend's crazy outfit

Back view of Emma's friend's outfit

Emma's crazy outfit

Back view of Emma's crazy outfit

The next round was "Crazy Hair"!
Emma's friend's crazy hair

Back view of Emma's friend's crazy hair
Ah! My doll went on the runway without clothes!:)

My doll's crazy hair

The back view of my doll's hair

Emma's doll's hair

Back view of Emma's doll's hair

All of the supplies used in Emma's friend's doll's hair
The final round was "Cute Outfits."

Emma's outfit

Emma's doll's hair

My doll's outfit- my doll has a fan (the one in blue is the fan).

My doll's hair

The runway with Emma's doll on it

Emma's doll's outfit
The results- Crazy outfit round winner was Emma's doll! Crazy hair was won by Emma's friend. And the cute outfit contest was won by me!:) Yay! Who do you think should have won in each contest? Emma's doll fainted when she found out that everyone won the contest!

Every doll is a winner!
Actually, it was pretty fun to play with the dolls again. I haven't done anything with them in so long! Did you ever play with American Girl dolls when you were younger?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunday Brunch

This past Sunday was a fun day. My dad, brother, Emma, and I went to church with my grandparents- they're different from the grandparent's I visit on Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyway, after church. we went to Mimi's for brunch. I took these photos throughout the day. Hope you like them!

Sister and brother time

Jazz hands!

Drinking water

And in the water stays!


Peace to all!

Outfit shot

Emma's freaky monkey art

Emma's tired....
I really liked my outfit on Sunday, but I would have chosen to wear my black flats instead of my tennis shoes. I didn't wear my flats because I have these special things that go inside my shoes called orthodics. Basically, they put my foot into the correct position, and they only work in close toed, laced up shoes. I really only wear flats and other kinds of shoes if I'm only wearing them for an hour or so, but since I was out for more than an hour, I needed to wear the orthodics. Do any of you have to wear them too?

My outfit

My outfit 2
Emma took some photos of the flowers around the areas we were, and here they are. I hope you enjoy!

And here's a fun photo of Emma's and my shadow.:)

Even though it is in the rear view now, how was your weekend? I had a nice one, as you can see.:) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Poncho and Fuzzy Boots - Saturday Outfit

I'll be honest- there are days that I'm staying home and I'll just throw on a sweatshirt with my jeans and slippers. And Thursday is a day that I stay home. Well, until evening rolls around.:) Then we travel, basically, two minutes down the street to a friend's house for my mom's Bible study. If you haven't figured it out yet, my family is Christian.:) Yay! If you have any questions about that, comment below or email me.:) I'll be happy to share with you. Anyways, I started out this morning in my sweatshirt ensemble, but then I changed into this poncho. I got this poncho for Christmas, and this is the first time that I have actually worn it. Ponchos are just about as comfy as sweatshirts! I paired my poncho with an aqua camisole, black jeans, and brown fuzzy boots. I also braided a small portion of my hair. I think my hairstyle goes with the "Indian/bohemian" vibe of my outfit. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!:)
What I Wore-
Boots (no longer available): Kohls