Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Lips and Converse

Hey everyone!:) Today I went with my mom and sister to my grandma's house. My mom works at my grandma's house, and on Wednesdays and Fridays, Emma and I go with my mom. We ran some errands and went out to lunch at Marie Callender's. This is how I dress most of the time- a cute top, jeans, and my Converse.:) I'm a big fan of Converse; whenever I need a new pair of sneakers, they are my go-to choice. If you need a new pair of sneakers, why not try some colored Converse? They're going to be a big trend this spring.

You know what else is a trend this spring? Athletic shoes. Like the shoes that you would normally wear to the gym! They're being worn with everything from dresses to jeans. I'm planning to skip out on this trend, but I actually have seen some cute athletic shoe outfits. I think the outfits looked cute because the shoes weren't the white kind of gym shoes with the grey details- more like a black shoe with colorful details. What do you think about this trend? If you like the trend, then have at it! If you want some help with the styling, leave a comment below and I'll make a post for you!:) Or if you have any fashion question, comment below or drop me a line via email (my email is on my Google profile) and I'll get back to you!:) Thanks for reading!

What I wore-
Lip Shirt (no longer available): Wet Seal
Converse (no longer available): Kohls

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise
                                  Pink Paradise by uniquelyyou4ever featuring a double breasted trench coat
This set was made by Emma, but I'm going to post about it.:) As I've previously mentioned, pastel pink is a great spring color this year. To stay warm during the cold snap that may be present right now, use this pretty color in your jacket or other cold weather accessories. You'll be ahead of everyone else for spring 2013! If you are wondering how we made this cool set, visit If you already have an account there, stop by our Polyvore pages. Fashiongal96 is my personal account, artisticvision is Emma's personal account, and uniquelyyou4ever is our blog's account. Follow us!:)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet My Favorite Accessory

Hi everyone! Meet my favorite accessory- my dog Hunny! She's a standard poodle, and is super sweet. Just look at her face! But I also love this sweater that I'm wearing. I just got it last week from Tilly's, along with my twisted arrow ring.  My jeans, camisole, and boots are from Kohl's. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Colors for 2013

 During 2012, everyone in the fashion industry was obsessed with color, especially during the spring. And guess what? That same craze is coming back this spring too! This spring is all about bold colors, but is also about the other end of the spectrum- pastels. In order to wear a bold color in a "real way" (as opposed to the runway), you need to choose either one larger scale item or two smaller items, and then pair them with some neutrals and texture.
Ways to Wear Bold Colors

    Some bold colors to consider trying are yellow (example above),
    Orange (love the gold buttons) -
   Cobalt (intense!) -

   Purple (the lace back is super sweet) -
   Hot Pink (the metal on the collar adds some edge to the shirt) -

   And for the softer end of the spectrum there is...
   Mint (I love this pick because of the trendy leather collar) -
   Petal Pink/Peach (I like the studs on this shirt) -

   Powder Blue (polka dots are a big thing this spring) -
   Periwinkle/Lavender (if you look closely at the collar, there are lavender studs!) - 
   Thanks for reading!:)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Present- Sneaker Wedges

This Christmas, one of the gifts I received was a pair of sneaker wedges! I've wanted some since the moment I laid eyes on them. The ones I got are from the Princess Vera Wang line at Kohls.
If you have a pair of sneaker wedges but have no idea what to wear with them, I would suggest skinny jeans, leggings or tights (with a skirt or long shirt), girly skirts (the sporty contrast of the shoes is cool), and even with a pair of capri-length, slouchy sweatpants.

My wedges (want them? Click here.)

Studs and jewel detailing

Charlotte Russe sneaker wedge outfit (shoes available here.)
Skinny jeans outfit
Slouchy sweatpants outfit