Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Lips and Converse

Hey everyone!:) Today I went with my mom and sister to my grandma's house. My mom works at my grandma's house, and on Wednesdays and Fridays, Emma and I go with my mom. We ran some errands and went out to lunch at Marie Callender's. This is how I dress most of the time- a cute top, jeans, and my Converse.:) I'm a big fan of Converse; whenever I need a new pair of sneakers, they are my go-to choice. If you need a new pair of sneakers, why not try some colored Converse? They're going to be a big trend this spring.

You know what else is a trend this spring? Athletic shoes. Like the shoes that you would normally wear to the gym! They're being worn with everything from dresses to jeans. I'm planning to skip out on this trend, but I actually have seen some cute athletic shoe outfits. I think the outfits looked cute because the shoes weren't the white kind of gym shoes with the grey details- more like a black shoe with colorful details. What do you think about this trend? If you like the trend, then have at it! If you want some help with the styling, leave a comment below and I'll make a post for you!:) Or if you have any fashion question, comment below or drop me a line via email (my email is on my Google profile) and I'll get back to you!:) Thanks for reading!

What I wore-
Lip Shirt (no longer available): Wet Seal
Converse (no longer available): Kohls

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