Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy (Late) Halloween!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween.:) I know I did! My mom, dad, sister and I sat out front if our house and gave out candy and little rolled up tracts. My church suggested that we socialize with our neighborhood and share with them the good new of Jesus Christ. It was so much fun!

If you don't know what the good news of Jesus Christ is, then I'll explain it to you- Jesus came to earth as a baby, born in a manger, born of a virgin. He lived a perfect and sinless life and died on a cross for our sins. Our sins separate us from having a relationship with Him, because God (Jesus) can't have anything imperfect in His sight.

But because Jesus lived a sinless life and died a miserable death on a cross, He conquered death and sin! He was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. And now, if you ask Jesus to come into your heart and become your Savior, you can know that your sins have been forgiven, and that you don't need to feel guilty about all the things you've done wrong. And now those sins don't separate you from Jesus, which means that when you die, you get to go to Heaven and be with Him forever and ever!!! You don't need to fear death, because you can know that you have been saved from Hell.

If you would like to accept Jesus into your heart, and know that you have been forgiven, just pray this prayer- Jesus, please forgive me for everything that I've done wrong. Please come into my heart and change me into the person you want me to be. Come into my heart and become my Lord and Savior.

That's it! Now you've begun the incredible journey of being a Christian! We're called Christians because we are the followers of Christ (Jesus). But know this- being a Christian is not easy. When God works in your heart, He changes you, and convicts you of the things that you can improve on. You're still you, but God has come into your heart and you have become His child. It's wonderful though.:) You have the peace of knowing that God has forgiven you and that you are going to Heaven when your life here in earth is over.

If you would like to know more about this, email me at and I will do my best to answer your questions. I don't know everything, but I'll give you the best answers I can!:) I hope you had a blessed Halloween!

Red, Black, and White- Daily Style Inspiration 10/31/12

I love the look of black and white stripes with red pants. Today I'm wearing my black and white striped blazer with my red skinny jeans.:) I'll show you my outfit tomorrow. How will you wear red pants??

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trench Coat Selections

This fall, the trench coat is one of the most-sought after jackets of the season. I wanted to give you a selection of trench coats that are stylish and affordable.

If you haven't noticed, I love Kohls.;) They always have something really cute, and at a fantastic price! Plus, if you are a Kohls member, you get extra discounts! But I love this jacket. It's a neutral, so throw it on over a bright colored or patterned top to add a a bit of fun to the jacket.

Kohls/ Candie's Double-Breasted Trench Coat $49.99
This blue trench coat has edge. It's taking on the leather trend, so you look cool, but stay warm!
Forever 21/ Coated Trench Coat $39.90
I love this color-blocked trench, but it's only available in a size large. But it would be a great buy if that's your size at Forever 21. Trendy and sophisticated.:)
Forever 21 Belted Contrast Trench Coat $34.80
This coat looks very Parisian to me.:) Imagine walking under the Eiffel Tower wearing this coat over a red dress and heels.

Forever 21 Trench Coat w/ Contrast Piping $34.80
I love the berry color of this coat. It adds a nice pop of color to a minimalist outfit, but not in a very classy and sophisticated way.

JCPenney/ Jou Jou Solid Trench Jacket $30 Available in assorted colors
I love this trench coat from H&M. This coats are longer, while the ones that I've shown you before are shorter. I think that a longer trench coat is mysterious.;) For me, I think of a detective when I see a long trench coat, but if you style it right, you won't get that look.
H&M/ Trenchcoat $49.95 also available in black

I couldn't get the picture for this trench coat, but I've posted the link here. I love the bright color of the coat.

If you're wondering how to style a trench coat, you can basically throw it on over anything you have on! It adds instant polish and class to anything you're wearing. All trenches are work appropriate, especially the long ones. If you want to try something fun with your long trench coat, try putting it on over opaque tights or leggings with boots. I would suggest swapping the sash that came with your coat with a complimenting or contrasting belt, to make the look more unique!;) And voila! The trench masquerades as a dress! I hope this has given you some good ideas!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fabulous Fall Purse Selections

There are tons of bags this fall that are in style, so I'm going to give you some selections that are very cute and affordable!:) Plus, I'll give you the trends that these purses have.
This satchel is very versatile. You can pair it with any outfit to spice it up. The fall trends: sparkle, satchel.

Kohls/ Candie's Melissa Glitter Satchel $28 Also available in pink
This bag looks so cozy! Trends: faux fur, big bag.
H&M/ Bag $34.95
This season, there's a saying- Leopard is the new black! Plus, this bag has a detachable strap, so it can turn into a clutch! Trends: animal print, leopard, crossbody bag, clutch.

H&M/ Bag $14.95
This purse is also convertible. It has a wristlet and a shoulder strap, for versatility. Plus, metallic are neutrals, so they go with everything! Trends: metallic, clutch, cross body bag.
Kohls/ Apt. 9 Metallic Glitter Clutch $35 Also available in black
This bag has an equestrian look to it. I think it's really cute! I've seen Taylor Swift use a similar purse. Trends: equestrian, crossbody bag, studded.
JCPenney/ Arizona Studded Crossbody $22 Also available in red and black
This bag can hold all of your stuff-fashionably!:) Trends: menswear, tote bag.

Tillys/ Houndstooth Print Tote Bag $24.99
This bag is sooo cute! Love it! Trends: studded, fringe, crossbody, floral.
JCPenney/ Betseyville Quilted Floral Studded Crossbody $30 also available in blue
Hope you guys like these purses!

Chic Layering-Daily Style Inspiration 10/26/12

Hey everybody!:) This is a super cute and chic outfit that I found. You just layer a skirt over leggings, tuck in a corresponding shirt, and throw on a blazer. Add any accessories you want!:)

I love adding layers to my outfits because they add so much interest! That's why I have a problem in the summer- it's so hot you don't want to layer up. But it's still possible to look put together in the summer. I'll have to show you some of my ideas when the warmer weather rolls in. Talk to you later!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Navy and Fur- Daily Style Inspiration 10/25/12

Hey everybody! Today I put together this outfit for the colder weather that occurred today- YAY!!:) This outfit consists of a navy shirt, red jeans, a white camisole, a brown leather and faux fur vest, brown cowboy boots, and my most-used metallic purse.

Accessories- a bracelet my brother gave me from his mission trip to Honduras, and a necklace my sister gave me for Christmas from either Icing or Claire's. Love the look?;) I think it's got a bit of a rock star vibe to it. Talk to you guys later!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/24/12

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Once again, I've just been so busy!! Well, today's style inspiration is here!

I was watching Disney's Make Your Mark dance competition this past weekend(yes, I still watch Disney Channel;) and I saw Debbie Ryan wearing a t-shirt with a sparkly skirt. I thought that the look was pretty cool! Combine the outfit with either combat boots and a leather jacket for some edge, or heels or flats with a cardigan or blazer to girl-ify the look.:)

P.S. This photo isn't of Debbie Ryan, but it's got the same general idea as Debbie's outfit.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/20/12

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday! Sometimes life just gets sooo busy... Anyway, here is your daily style inspiration! I love the sweet simplicity of this outfit. The tutu is fanciful, but it's not childish. Now I want a tutu!!;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/18/12

I love the bold look of this outfit. It's taking on a huge trend this fall that many people have come to love- patterned pants! I really like how the pants are very bold and the blazer is very bright. If you wore this outfit, you would definitely be noticed.;)

Summer Whites

This is what I wore yesterday. I was inspired by the photo for yesterday's style inspiration. It was still warm, but in the winter, I can add a jacket, roll down my jean's cuffs, and add boots to turn this summer look into a fall outfit.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/17/12

This outfit actually inspired my outfit today! She styled her summer outfit for fall, but my outfit is styled for summer. There isn't a need for a jacket on a 90 degree day for me!;) I'll show you my outfit tomorrow.

She looks a lot better than I do in her pictures, but that is partially because she has a pro behind the camera. I have my sister! But she's a beautiful girl too. That always helps!;) Also, if you would like to see all of her outfits, she has a blog called Song of Style. I'm sure if you google it, you'll find it.:) Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/16/12

Here's your daily style inspiration! I like how this girl took the trendy high-low skirt (also called a mullet skirt!) and added some patterned tights! What an inspiring way to wear your high low skirt from summer into autumn!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/15/12

This outfit is so cool! It's all black, but then the pop of red makes the look come to life! This look is super easy to get too- black skirt, black top, black tights, and a colorful blazer or jacket!

Here are some ways to make the outfit a little different each time you wear it- try patterned tights, add a different colored jacket, use different shoes (boots, booties, flats, heels, sneakers, sneaker wedges), use a different purse, and use different pieces of jewelry! If you have some other ideas of your own, go ahead and try them! And let me know how it turned out.;)

If you would like these daily style inspirations sent to your email, just put your email into the little box on the right on the home page. The box is labeled something like Follow by Email. This will allow you to follow this blog and get all of my new posts sent straight to your inbox!

Or if you have a Google Friends account, you can follow the blog through the other option below the email option. Have a great day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coated Burgundy Pants!

I just found these adorable burgundy pants! They're taking on some very popular fall trends- burgundy and leather (coated) pants! They're from H&M and they're $34.95. A little bit pricey (if you are on a budget like mine!) but aren't they cool??;)

Wear them with a neutral top (white or black) or if you want to take your outfit to the next level, check out my Burgundy- One of Fall's Hottest Colors post for some fabulous colors to pair with burgundy. If you decide to wear one of those colors that I recommended, pair your outfit with neutral accessories, to ground our look.

If you've tried some burgundy in your outfit, why not send me a pic? Or comment below!:)

Daily Style Inspiration 10/14/12

I love the chic simplicity of this outfit. It's so easy to put together too. Just a white button-up top, black pants, black boots, a cute purse, and add some accessories.

But I've realized that you can put together an INCREDIBLE outfit, but unless you do your hair in a style that compliments your outfit, you don't look as put together. If you would like for me to post hair styles that I've found, comment and let me know!:)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Wish... For Fall Weather!!!

The past two days have been cold and rainy for me, and I loved it! But now the sunshine (and warmth) is back. I LOVE the cold and rainy seasons, especially after wearing the same shorts and tank tops all summer!

I hope that you are enjoying the weather you are having right now. I really want fall to just come and stay, mainly because I want to start dressing like it's fall!

But the two days that were cold and rainy, I got to wear some things that I have been DYING to try! Like layering my cream poodle sweater over my cream dress and seeing what happens! I meant to wear the outfit with black tights and boots, but my tights were in a disagreement with me.:P

So! If you are enjoying cold weather, you've probably been able to wear your new coats, boots, and all of the new fall trends. But of you're scared to try a new trend, just know that sometimes we need to stretch ourselves and try something new!

Like this past week, I wore my bright red and black plaid pants. I was pretty nervous to wear them. I was kind of surprised by that! But I wore them anyway, and I loved it!

So don't be afraid to try new things- whether it's a new clothing trend, a new food, or a new sport! You only have one life, so live it wisely, but also don't be afraid to do something you want to do- unless it's something wrong.;) Live to honor God.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/12/12

Check this out! It's the skirt I recommended on my sweater skirt post! I really like the fun layering technique on the bottom half of the model in this photo. Tights, a skirt, and then you add some tall socks with combat boots. I hope this inspired you! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Equestrian Outfit- Daily Style Inspiration 10/11/12

For your daily style inspiration, I'm going to show you an outfit that I styled myself! I just took a twirly skirt in a bold color, added a neutral button down top, tied on a skinny metallic belt, and put on a pair of cowboy boots to add a pop of fun to the outfit.

I think that the cowboy boots are kinda unexpected in this prim and proper outfit.:) The cowboy boots and equestrian theme are major trends for this fall, as you have probably already learned from my previous post.;)

I hope that you are inspired to try this trend this fall! If you have any questions about how to style a piece of clothing (equestrian themed or not), feel free to email me! My email address is available on my profile page. Have a wonderful day!:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/08/12

I really like the equestrian look of this outfit. Anything equestrian- riding boots, a horse pattern(or a horse's tack pattern), jodhpurs or breeches, and western boots- is a big trend this fall.:) Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daily Style Inspiration 10/07/12

Hey everyone! Everyday, I get inspired by pictures of people's outfits. I'm so excited to wear the new fall trends, but it's still warm where I live.

So, I thought that I could post a photo of a cool outfit everyday and (hopefully) inspire you!
And maybe you can actually wear the outfit and not be so warm you feel like you're dying!;)

If a photo has inspired you, why not comment on the post and send me a pic via email? Who knows? Maybe you'll end up as a daily style inspiration post!