Friday, November 27, 2015

Minnie Mouse and Red Jacket

Hi, everybody!
I know- long time, no post. At least from me anyways! Life has gotten so busy for me, and I haven't really had time to sit down and blog. I'm in school currently, so that has been my top priority as of late. But I've found some time, so I decided to write up a blog post for you!
Here is an outfit that I wore to school last week. I wore a Minnie Mouse graphic tee, a red moto jacket, some straight leg jeans, and my black Converse. I accessorized with some bracelets, two necklaces, my silver mask ring that I wear everyday, and a pair of earrings (sorry, there isn't a very good shot of those). This is a great look to wear for school or a casual outing, like going to the movies or the mall. It's comfortable and stylish all in one!

As you can see with this last photo, I played around with mixing my bracelets/"arm candy" to create a fun, new look for my outfit. Do you ever experiment with mixing up your jewelry combinations?
~Kendra :)
My Outfit
Red Moto Jacket: G Stage (similar style here)
Minnie Mouse Tee: Ross (similar styles here and here)
Straight Leg Jeans: Hand-me-down (similar styles here and here)
Converse: Kohls
Red Bangle Bracelet: Del Lago's Boutique (similar style here)
Pearl Bracelet: Charlotte Russe (similar style here)
Charm Bracelet: Handmade by my mom
Black and Silver Bangle Bracelet: Probably Kohls (similar style here)
Heart Necklace: Hand-me-down (similar styles here and here)
"Fabulous" Necklace: Walmart

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Leather Jacket and Floral Top

Hi everyone! Emma here!
I created this outfit a while ago and I loved how it looked!:)

I am wearing my new leather jacket, a see-through floral top, skinny jeans, and my beloved navy blue converse.:)
Do you have a leather jacket?:)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Polka Dot Top and Red Necklace

Hey, everybody!
Today the weather was pretty hot. About 100 degrees hot. I usually find it a challenge to get dressed up during that kind of hot weather, since I can't add layers to my outfit to make it look more interesting and put together. But I liked the outfit I put together for church this morning, and I was able to stay cool all day! I wore a nacy, polka-dot top with a pair of denim shorts and some basic black flats. I accessorized with a black ribbon tied around my waist, a red, beaded necklace, gold bangles, and some gold earrings (no picture of those, sorry!).

So, what do you think of this outfit?
~Kendra :)
My Outfit
Polka Dot Top- Forever 21 (similar-ish style here)
Denim Shorts- Kohls (similar style here)
Black Flats- C28 (similar-ish style here)
Black Ribbon- came with a dress from Papaya.
Red Beaded Necklace- not totally sure about this one, but maybe Kohls (similar style here).

Gold Bangles- these were given to me as a gift, so I don't know.
White Camisole- Kohls

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Black Gold ~ Nail Tutorial

Hello, everyone!
I had a fun time painting my nails this past week. I was perusing Pinterest, in search of something to inspire my nail design, and I decided to try out a black and gold style. It is really easy to get this look for yourself. Scroll down for the steps!
If you have a base coat of polish, apply that before you start.
1.) Paint two coats of black nail polish onto each of your nails. Let dry completely.
2.) Take a glittery gold polish and use a very light coat of it from the base of your nail to the tip. If you use a big glob of the polish, then the black base won't show through. You want a light sprinkling of gold glitter all over your nail. Let dry for a few minutes.
3.) Now apply the gold polish just to the base of your nail. Focus on covering the base of your nail completely with the gold glitter, not letting any black polish peek through.
4.) Let dry at least a little bit before applying the top coat. If it isn't totally dry when you apply the top coat, some of the glitter from the base may sweep over the rest of your nail, possibly enhancing the gradient effect.
This nail art is pretty easy to do, and the results are really cool. I wish I had silver glitter polish, because that would look fantastic with the black base. Do experiment with different color and glitter combinations. You might find a look that you absolutely love!
So what do you think-- you want to give it a try?
~Kendra :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Accessory Pile-Up

Hi, everybody! I came home from school today and started to take off some jewelry I was wearing. I dropped the accessories on my dog's crate, and realized what I mess I had made getting ready this morning.
Before I go to bed, I try to choose an outfit to wear to school the following day, so I can get ready more quickly in the morning. But those outfits will usually have a few different ways in which I can accessorize them, so I'll lay out the options on my dog's crate to decide in the morning. As you can see, it can become a very messy process!
 Do you make a big mess picking out what to wear in the morning?
~Kendra :)
P.S. If you see an accessory that you like, feel free to ask where it came from.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pinterest Tutorial - French Braided Updo

Hey, everybody! In continuation with the idea from yesterday's post, here is another one of my attempts at following a Pinterest hair tutorial! Today I tried out a French braided updo. Click on the photo to go to the pin (sorry, my pin didn't link to the original instructions).
I thought this would be a pretty simple hairstyle to try, and it is-- as long as you don't French braid the middle of your head! I tried this tutorial yesterday, but I had grabbed too much hair near the middle of my head while I French braided, and I ended up with French braided pigtails.:P You need the middle piece of your hair unbraided so that you can braid it later! I gave up on it last night, but I gave it another try today. My second attempt, where I grabbed less hair to start braiding with, was much more successful.
The supplies I used for this were a brush, three hair elastics, some bobby pins, and a flower clip. I would suggest using hairspray on your updo before you add a decoration. The hairspray will help keep your look in place throughout the day.
So here are the instructions--
1.) Brush your hair out, then grab a small section near the top of your head to start French braiding (if you don't know how to French braid, leave me a comment and I make a tutorial, or you can look up a tutorial on YouTube or Pinterest).
2.) Finish French braiding near the nape of your neck, then braid normally a couple more times. Secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side of your head, making sure that you have a medium sized piece of unbraided hair in between the two French braids.
3.) Once the braids are finished and secured with elastics, braid your French braids and the free piece of hair in the middle of your head together until you reach the end of your hair. Finish with an elastic. You should now have one braid.
4.) Take the braid and roll it up to the nape of your neck to form a rolled updo. Secure with as many bobby pins as you need, and check in the mirror to see if you have any pieces of hair that need to be pinned down.
5.) Set with hairspray, and finish with a cute accessory-- like a flower, a bow, or a headband.
While I pinned my bangs back for this style, this hairstyle would look really cute if you wore your bangs down (if you have bangs). Either way, I think this look is super cute, and it would be great to wear on a hot day, if you want your hair off of your neck. You could even do this style with wet hair!
So what do you think of this style?
~Kendra :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Pinterest Hairstyle - Braided Bangs with Waves

Hi, everybody! So today, I wanted to share with you a hairstyle that I tried out this evening. Have you ever seen those articles about "Real Women Try Pinterest Tutorials," where real women try out hairstyles and things from Pinterest and compare the final results to the model? Well, this is my version of that!

This is the original tutorial for the hairstyle I tried today. Click on the photo to go to the original post.

So that is how it's supposed to look at the end, right? Here is my final look.

I realized that I didn't get much detail of the braid, so I took another photo.

 In the tutorial, when you curl your hair, you apparently shouldn't use the clamp on the curling iron, but should just wind your hair around the iron. I just used a wand instead. Compared to the model, I braided my hair on the opposite side of my head, and my hair isn't quite as curly as hers. Also, my hair is not blonde, and I have bangs while the model doesn't, so those will also factor into the end results too. Even though my finished style doesn't look exactly like the model's picture, I liked the results nonetheless. I'll describe my process so if you want to get the look, you can!

1.) I made a deep part on one side of my head, but it wasn't totally straight. I let my bangs part slightly farther on my hairline than the rest of my hair (if that makes sense :P).  I have short bangs that are cut across my forehead, so I had to use those in my braid. I French braided from one side of my head to the other, then used two, strong bobby pins to hold the braid in place behind my ear. Bonus points if you can make the pins hide in your hair!
2.) I used a large barreled curling wand to curl random pieces of hair. I curled all of my hair, but it wasn't systematic.  I didn't curl near the top of my head, instead I went to about the middle of my piece of hair and wrapped from there. No small pieces of hair either, I wanted larger chunks for more wave and less curl.
3.) All done! You can finish your hair with hairspray to keep it in place. This style took me about ten minutes to do.

So what do you think? Do you want to give this look a try?

~Kendra :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Palazzo Pants and Patterns

Hey, everybody! I wore this outfit to my history class a while ago. Palazzo pants are a big trend this summer, and I would definitely recommend that if you do not already own some, you should go buy a pair-- or two! They are so comfortable, that it feels as if you're wearing pajamas all day! A more stylish alternative to yoga pants, they can easily be dressed up or down. I chose to wear my palazzo pants with a black tee, cardigan, and flats.

If you decide to purchase some palazzo pants, one thing you should look for is a pattern that matches up in the front and back of your pants. With my pants, the patterned fabric on one leg looks like a reflection of the other leg. You want to avoid pants that look like this. That is a beautiful example of what not to wear. For those of you who can't click through to see that example, here is a different picture---
Now, this pair isn't quite as bad as the link's pair of pants, but the pattern still doesn't match up. The colors of this pattern distract from the fact that the pattern's placement is different from leg to leg. The linked picture is a pair of black and white pants, so the mis-matched pattern placement is much more obvious than it is for this pair.
What you want in a palazzo pant is something like this---
Much nicer looking than the other examples, right? This pair has a classier look because the patterns match up in the front! Choose a pair like this, and your outfit will look much more put together, just because of this detail. 
Another thing to keep in mind is the pattern you choose. Be careful that if you buy a pair with a small pattern (like this or this), then you stand a chance of looking large on the bottom if you are a bigger person. And the opposite is true for petite people-- if you buy a pair of pants with a larger print (like this or this) then your body may look overwhelmed by the print. A good rule of thumb is to choose a pattern that matches the proportion of your body. If you're a larger person, then choose a larger pattern. Same goes for petite people. Average sized people may be able to pull off both small patterns and large patterns. Just be conscious of your body type when you try these pants out. (Extra tip: if you choose a vertical pattern instead of a horizontal print, it can make you look taller.;)
And if the thought of finding a pattern that is symmetrical and properly proportionate to your body exhausts you, then you can't go wrong with choosing a solid color.:)
If you want some more advice about this new trend (you don't feel like you can pull them off, you don't know where to buy a pair, you don't know what to wear with your pair, etc...), then leave a comment below or drop me a line at I would love to hear from you and answer your style questions!
~Kendra :)
My Outfit
Palazzo Pants- Marshall's (similar styles here [vertical lines] and here [horizontal lines])
Boyfriend Cardigan- H&M (similar styles here and here)
Black Tee- Forever 21
Lace Camisole- Kohls (similar style here)
Black Flats- C28 (similar style here and here)
Metallic Bracelet- Maurice's

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm Blue

Hey everyone! Emma here! Today, I wore one of my new tank tops I got for summer.:) I really liked the outfit, so here it is.:)

All I can think of is a song that my brother used to listen to a lot. It was called I'm Blue. I can't remember who it was sung by though.;)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Good Friday Outfit: Blue Top and Floral Trumpet Skirt

Hey, everybody! Today I wanted to show you this outfit that I put together for the Good Friday service at my church this year. Yes, it was a while ago, but I thought I would still share this outfit idea with you.;)
Please excuse the poor photo quality of this first shot.:P

As a general rule, I try to wear jewelry and accessories that are all the same color metal, but this time I had a tricky time keeping the color scheme of my accessories in gold. The buttons on my shirt are silver, but the buckle on my belt is gold! I solved the problem by psyching myself out. I wore a gold necklace that distracted from the silver buttons, and made everything look cohesive. Mixing metals is totally acceptable by the way, but I just didn't want to play with that look at the time.
So what do you think of this look? Would you wear it?
~Kendra :)
Royal Blue Shirt- H&M (similar styles here and here)
Floral Print Trumpet Skirt- Kohls
Black Pumps- Payless (other colors available)
Black Lace Camisole- Kohls (similar style here, other colors available)
Belt- Charming Charlie (similar style here)
Gold Necklace- Charming Charlie (other colors available)
Blue and Gold Bracelet- Del Lago's Boutique (similar-ish here, other colors available)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Drive-In Style

Hey everybody! Recently, I went to the drive-ins and I liked my outfit, so I'm gonna show it to you.:)
I'm wearing my new blueish-green tank top I recently got at Target, my jeans, my trustworthy Abercrombie and Fitch jacket, and my sparkly high tops.:)
We saw Tomorrowland! I really liked it, my favorite character was Athena (I love that name!!!) and Casey, or Kasey, however she spells it.:)
Have you seen Tomorrowland, if so, who is your favorite character? If not, do you want to see it?:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Tuckled" Green Cardigan and Gold Belt

Hey, everybody! Today I have an outfit that I put together in January to show you. It's a super simple outfit that anyone can wear-- a cardigan, skinny bootcut jeans, some jewelry, a belt, and a pair of flats. I decided to "tuckle" my cardigan, so that the belt would be a more prominent feature in my outfit.

My necklace is kind of a fun touch, because it has a message!;)
Have a great day!
~Kendra :)
Green Cardigan- Dress Barn (same style, different colors)
White Camisole- Kohls
Skinny Bootcut Jeans- Target (similar style here)
Gold Belt- Forever 21 (similar style here)
Black Flats- C28 (similar style here)
"Ooh La La" Necklace- Forever 21
Gold Bracelet Set- Charlotte Russe (similar style here)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pink Flesh Tone and White Cardigan

Hi, everyone! So a while ago, I put together this pink, white, and black outfit. Since my skin is fair, with a pink tone to it, this pink shirt all by itself wouldn't look very good on me. But since I added the white cardigan, it breaks up the "pinky-ness," making it much more flattering for my coloring. If you have a color that is similar to your skin tone, the same idea can help you make it work.

Note: If you look closely, you will see that my pants have a pattern to them.
So whatcha think?
~Kendra :)

Pink Shirt- Target (similar style here)
White Cardigan- Kohls (similar style here)
Print Jeans- Target (similar style here)
Heart Necklace- Probably from Claire's (similar one here)
"Fabulous" Necklace- Walmart
Eiffel Tower Bottle Necklace- Gift from family (similar style here)
Black Flats- C28 (similar style here)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Red Jeans and Artsy Accessories

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to show you an outfit that I made in February. I felt like an artist in this outfit, although I'm not much of an artist in the way of drawing or painting. But I do like the idea of being one! I may not be the artist of the family (that's my sister Emma, by the way), but at least I can dress the part.:) To me, the colors of the outfit, the big necklace, and the turtleneck all convey a feeling of "artsy." What do you think?

I really love this outfit. I could see myself changing the shoes to some simple, black ballet flats and wearing this outfit to an art show or museum.
Have a great day!
~Kendra :)
Turtleneck Shirt- Target (similar style here)
Scarf Vest- Del Lago's Boutique (similar styles here and here)
Red Skinny Jeans- Kohls (similar style here)
Gold Belt- Forever 21 (similar styles here)
Frog Necklace- Kohls (similar-ish style here)
Embellished Boots- Kohls (similar-ish style here)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Back to Winter- Black Cardigan and Skinny Jeans

Hey everyone, Emma here!:) I made this outfit when it was winter, that's why the title is how it is.;)

(Please excuse my messy room ;D)
I'm wearing a light pink tank top, my sister's black cardigan, and my skinny jeans. I really liked this outfit because it looks cute while still being more sophisticated.:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Southwestern Poncho and Knee-High Boots

Hey, guys! On cold nights, it can be nice to snuggle up in a hoodie or a blanket-- or perhaps even a Snuggie. But what is more stylish than a Snuggie? A poncho! And even if part of your arms aren't covered, they still keep your body really warm. If you are worried about looking too voluminous in one, just wear slim bottoms to balance out the flowing top. I chose to wear my Southwestern poncho with skinny jeans and black boots.

And this is a picture of my hair from the back. It's really easy to do, and if you would like a tutorial, leave a comment below!

Do you have a poncho?
~Kendra :)
Poncho- Forever 21 (similar here)
Skinny Jeans- Tilly's
Knee-High Boots- Famous Footwear

Monday, January 19, 2015

Colorful Leopard and Tough Leather

Hi, everybody! This past Sunday, I had some fun playing with proportion and layers. Earlier in the week, I saw my leather vest hanging next to a long, scarf-like vest in my closet, and I thought they might look good together! I wore a long-sleeved, black shirt with the scarf vest, then I cinched it in with a belt. I topped it off with the leather vest and a sparkly necklace! What do you think?

I felt sort of like a rock star while I wore this outfit, since the vest was floating around me like a skirt, and I had the toughness of the leather on top! The tall leather boots didn't hurt either...
Would you ever wear an outfit like this?
~Kendra :)
Leather Vest- Kohls (old, but similar here and here.)
Scarf Vest- Del Lago's Boutique (similar style here and here)
Belt- Del Lago's Boutique (similar here)
Black Thumbhole Tee- Delia's
Necklace- Charlotte Russe
Skinny Jeans- Tilly's
Knee-High Boots- Famous Footwear

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rainy Day Outfit~ Denim-On-Denim and Silver Accents

Hi, everybody! Today was a rainy day, so I got to bundle up to go to church. I didn't feel like putting very much effort into what I was wearing today, but I still got to wear something that I really like. It's comfy and cozy, yet still chic and put together.
OK, so you know how the whole denim-on-denim trend keeps coming and going? One minute, it's all the rage, then the next, it's considered tacky or too 80's (at least in my mind)? Well, I took that trend on today. The trick is not to wear matchy-matchy denim, and to wear it with confidence. Like I mentioned in the previous post, confidence is key! But even if you don't have very much confidence when it comes to fashion, this is still a really easy outfit to wear. All you need is a light colored chambray top, dark washed jeans, and some neutral basics!
This is the trench coat I topped my denim outfit with. It was a good friend to me in the rain today.

And here is what was underneath the coat! My denim shirt and jeans, sparkly silver converse, and a soft grey infinity scarf. The scarf definitely helped to keep me warm.

I'll admit it, in the past I haven't embraced the denim-on-denim trend with great enthusiasm (at all), but I guess that is something fun about fashion. You can change your mind! You can choose to do something new every day, and you don't have to stick to just one style or idea all the time.
Maybe this inspired you to try a new trend that you haven't dared to before, or maybe you want to give the denim-on-denim look a whirl. Whatever it is, feel free to email me at or comment below with any questions you have.
Have a great day!
~Kendra :)
Chambray Shirt- JCPenney (similar here and here)
Skinny Jeans- Tilly's
Scarf- Target (similar here)
Converse- Walmart
Trench Coat- Target

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Paris Pink and Army Green

Hi, everybody! So, two days ago was New Years! I had a great day, and I hope you did too. Any resolutions for this year? Maybe you want to try wearing more stylish clothing more often, develop a new style, or become more confident. Confidence definitely rubs off onto how you carry yourself. And what I have noticed, is that if you are confident, then even if you are just wearing jeans and simple shirt, you can still make it look amazing, just by your attitude (or the energy that you give off). A nice hairstyle and pretty makeup can't hurt either. ;)
For my New Year's day, I wore a new shirt that I received as a Christmas gift and a military style jacket that I've had for a while. The peach top has black Eiffel Towers all over it, and a strip of lace on the back (which you can't see in these photos). The jacket I'm wearing is one of my favorites to throw on over pretty much anything, since it makes any outfit look instantly put together. Pair these two items together with skinny jeans, a fringe scarf, and combat boots, and you are all set for a fabulous day!

I hope that you are inspired to experiment with your wardrobe this year, and maybe even try something new! If you have a piece of clothing or a trend that you want to try, but are scared to or just don't know how you would wear it, leave a comment below or email me at with your questions! I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability.
Have a great start to your year!
~Kendra :)
Shirt- Ross
Army Jacket- Papaya
Skinny Jeans- Tilly's (old)
Fringe Scarf- Tilly's (similar here)
Combat Boots- JCPenney (old, but similar here and here)