Friday, September 4, 2015

Pinterest Hairstyle - Braided Bangs with Waves

Hi, everybody! So today, I wanted to share with you a hairstyle that I tried out this evening. Have you ever seen those articles about "Real Women Try Pinterest Tutorials," where real women try out hairstyles and things from Pinterest and compare the final results to the model? Well, this is my version of that!

This is the original tutorial for the hairstyle I tried today. Click on the photo to go to the original post.

So that is how it's supposed to look at the end, right? Here is my final look.

I realized that I didn't get much detail of the braid, so I took another photo.

 In the tutorial, when you curl your hair, you apparently shouldn't use the clamp on the curling iron, but should just wind your hair around the iron. I just used a wand instead. Compared to the model, I braided my hair on the opposite side of my head, and my hair isn't quite as curly as hers. Also, my hair is not blonde, and I have bangs while the model doesn't, so those will also factor into the end results too. Even though my finished style doesn't look exactly like the model's picture, I liked the results nonetheless. I'll describe my process so if you want to get the look, you can!

1.) I made a deep part on one side of my head, but it wasn't totally straight. I let my bangs part slightly farther on my hairline than the rest of my hair (if that makes sense :P).  I have short bangs that are cut across my forehead, so I had to use those in my braid. I French braided from one side of my head to the other, then used two, strong bobby pins to hold the braid in place behind my ear. Bonus points if you can make the pins hide in your hair!
2.) I used a large barreled curling wand to curl random pieces of hair. I curled all of my hair, but it wasn't systematic.  I didn't curl near the top of my head, instead I went to about the middle of my piece of hair and wrapped from there. No small pieces of hair either, I wanted larger chunks for more wave and less curl.
3.) All done! You can finish your hair with hairspray to keep it in place. This style took me about ten minutes to do.

So what do you think? Do you want to give this look a try?

~Kendra :)

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