Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pinterest Tutorial - French Braided Updo

Hey, everybody! In continuation with the idea from yesterday's post, here is another one of my attempts at following a Pinterest hair tutorial! Today I tried out a French braided updo. Click on the photo to go to the pin (sorry, my pin didn't link to the original instructions).
I thought this would be a pretty simple hairstyle to try, and it is-- as long as you don't French braid the middle of your head! I tried this tutorial yesterday, but I had grabbed too much hair near the middle of my head while I French braided, and I ended up with French braided pigtails.:P You need the middle piece of your hair unbraided so that you can braid it later! I gave up on it last night, but I gave it another try today. My second attempt, where I grabbed less hair to start braiding with, was much more successful.
The supplies I used for this were a brush, three hair elastics, some bobby pins, and a flower clip. I would suggest using hairspray on your updo before you add a decoration. The hairspray will help keep your look in place throughout the day.
So here are the instructions--
1.) Brush your hair out, then grab a small section near the top of your head to start French braiding (if you don't know how to French braid, leave me a comment and I make a tutorial, or you can look up a tutorial on YouTube or Pinterest).
2.) Finish French braiding near the nape of your neck, then braid normally a couple more times. Secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side of your head, making sure that you have a medium sized piece of unbraided hair in between the two French braids.
3.) Once the braids are finished and secured with elastics, braid your French braids and the free piece of hair in the middle of your head together until you reach the end of your hair. Finish with an elastic. You should now have one braid.
4.) Take the braid and roll it up to the nape of your neck to form a rolled updo. Secure with as many bobby pins as you need, and check in the mirror to see if you have any pieces of hair that need to be pinned down.
5.) Set with hairspray, and finish with a cute accessory-- like a flower, a bow, or a headband.
While I pinned my bangs back for this style, this hairstyle would look really cute if you wore your bangs down (if you have bangs). Either way, I think this look is super cute, and it would be great to wear on a hot day, if you want your hair off of your neck. You could even do this style with wet hair!
So what do you think of this style?
~Kendra :)


  1. I must wear this to school! Sorry for commenting on an old post (I'm catching up on your blog and have to say how much I love this style!!!). For some reason, this really compliments your gorgeous red hair (or vice versa). ;)

    1. I wore this hairstyle to school myself this past Thursday. It stayed in place really well and I enjoyed not having my hair catch on the back of my chair! (You know those little metal pieces that catch your hair on the back of the chair? Yeah, it's painful:P) And thank you so much for your compliments! I'm glad you're reading through the blog!