Sunday, September 13, 2015

Black Gold ~ Nail Tutorial

Hello, everyone!
I had a fun time painting my nails this past week. I was perusing Pinterest, in search of something to inspire my nail design, and I decided to try out a black and gold style. It is really easy to get this look for yourself. Scroll down for the steps!
If you have a base coat of polish, apply that before you start.
1.) Paint two coats of black nail polish onto each of your nails. Let dry completely.
2.) Take a glittery gold polish and use a very light coat of it from the base of your nail to the tip. If you use a big glob of the polish, then the black base won't show through. You want a light sprinkling of gold glitter all over your nail. Let dry for a few minutes.
3.) Now apply the gold polish just to the base of your nail. Focus on covering the base of your nail completely with the gold glitter, not letting any black polish peek through.
4.) Let dry at least a little bit before applying the top coat. If it isn't totally dry when you apply the top coat, some of the glitter from the base may sweep over the rest of your nail, possibly enhancing the gradient effect.
This nail art is pretty easy to do, and the results are really cool. I wish I had silver glitter polish, because that would look fantastic with the black base. Do experiment with different color and glitter combinations. You might find a look that you absolutely love!
So what do you think-- you want to give it a try?
~Kendra :)

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