Friday, August 9, 2013

Nerdy look!

Hey all!! It's Emma! This trend is one that I'm personally fond of. I do it a lot!:) but I'm talking about nerdy... Not the creepy TV nerds but cute nerds! 

Nerdy look- for the nerdy look you want the following items: button up shirt (most all work), suspenders (optional), jeans or capris, glasses (optional), cardigan (again, most all work), and oxfords.
There are a lot of other things you can use for accessories like a tie necklace, to get less of a nerd, NERD, look you may want to wear a pretty pearl necklace and a headband with a flower on it. For the true nerd look you can wear glasses- such as 3D glasses (please do not get overboard and get the GINORMOUS glasses, it will ruin it.:)), and suspenders also you can pull your bangs back, if you have bangs.
I've gone for the true nerd look cause I like to go all out.:) But get creative and style your inner nerd!!!

Hope you love my nerdyness!:)