Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fashion Find- Sweater Skirt

Hello everyone! The other day, I found this super cute skirt at Kohls. It was a skirt that was made out of a sweater material. I think that this is a unique piece, because I haven't ever seen anything like it before! Here's the photo I took of it-
Kohls/ Mudd Striped Body Con Sweater Skirt $17.99 

If you love the skirt as much as I do, I have great news for you- I found more! There are some more from Kohls at the same price, just in different patterns and some other ones that I found at other stores-
Kohls/ Mudd Geometric Body Con Sweater Skirt in Black Iris $17.99

Kohls/ Mudd Geometric Body Con Sweater Skirt in Monument $17.99
Look! This one's burgundy!;)
H&M/ Skirt $24.95 also available in gray
The three following skirts are all from Target. Info: Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Sweater Skirt - Assorted Colors, $24.99

 Wear these skirts with tights or leggings, booties or boots, a coordinating top, and add a cardigan or a sweater for some fun texture play! Have a great day!:)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brighten up Your Winter Wardrobe

Hey guys! This is Emma. I was thinking about the upcoming holidays and cold weather, when I realized that most people wear dull colors like gray, black, navy blue etc, when the weather gets cold. I thought that I could show you cheap ways to add color to your wardrobe.

Great colors that will add brightness to your closet is yellow, red, and aqua, but try to stay away from the dark colors like green, navy blue, purple and black I know a lot of girls absolutely love those colors, but who said you still couldn't wear them just in smaller ways. Or wear them lighter, light purple, and bright green. Let me show you fantastic ways to wear bright colors

A great way to wear these skinny jeans would be wear a blue trench coat! It's a great way to be fashionable AND stay warm!
Kohls/ Unionbay Stretch Color Skinny Jeans $25.99

                               A beautiful way to wear this sweater is to pair it with a pencil skirt!
Forever 21/ Printed Collar Sweater $19.80 also available in Navy blue.
This floral dress would be a great pair with black tights and a lime green or black cardigan.
Kohls/ City Triangles Floral Pleated Strapless Dress $43.99
 This does look kind of springy, but give it a chance! With the right accessories, you can make this plaid shirt turn winter. Just add black jeans and vest.
Kohls/ SO Flannel Shirt $19.99
Pink neon shoes SO cute! Pair with anything!
Wet Seal/ Neon Boat Shoes $8.99 also available in neon green.

    Bye for now!

Found- Adorable, Affordable Ankle Boots!

Hello everyone!:) Kendra here! I found these cute cowboy inspired boots at Kohls the other day. They're taking on two different trends for this Fall, ankle and cowboy boots. Bonus: they're only $19.99!!!

They come in three colors- the brown shown here, black, and a camel/carmel color. These would be a fabulous addition to your closet, because they would go with everything!

Pair them with leggings, an over-sized sweater, add a scarf and a bag, and you have a terrific on-the-go outfit! Or, wear them with skinny jeans(tucked in) and a blazer and you look super chic.;)
Here's the link-

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

River Thai Cusine

Hello everyone! It's Kendra again! A couple nights ago, me, Emma, and my mom went to a Thai restaurant in Corona, CA. It's called River Thai Cusine. It's just a little place in the corner of a strip mall. But they had terrific food! Emma and I ordered the orange chicken and my mom got a type of barbecue chicken. We all got fried rice as a side dish. The smell wasn't so great, but the food tastes AMAZING! So, if you ever find yourself in Corona, check the place out! It's a small restaurant in the corner of the strip mall, so it's not very noticeable and doesn't have much business. I've included photos of the place and the food we ate. Have a nice day!:)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Need fashion advice?

Hey guys! Do you need fashion advice on how to pull off a trend or how to turn your summer clothing into fall and winter outfits? Just email me at with your question, or a photo of a troublesome piece of clothing in your closet that you want to have made into an outfit. Also, if you could let me know how old you are so I can give you age-appropriate advice, that would be great.:) I will do my best to answer your question promptly and as well as I can. I accept all kinds of fashion questions, not just the ones I mentioned.I hope to hear from you soon!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Truly Madly Sweetly Bake Shop

Hey everyone! It's Kendra.:) Sorry I haven't been online in a while! But while I was away, I visited this cute little bake shop that had super yummy cupcakes. Me, my sister(Emma), and my mom are really into watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network, and we like to visit the shops that compete on the show. So, yeah, we're really into cupcakes! This shop's name is Truly Madly Sweetly, and it's in Temecula, California. I don't know if they competed on Cupcake Wars, but they've definetly got good cupcakes! They also have cup sized cheesecakes. I tried their lime cupcake named Margaritaville, Emma had their strawberry vanilla cupcake named Pink Top, and my mom had the Indecision cupcake- a chocolate and vanilla marble cupcake. So if you ever are in Temecula, check the place out! Her's the website- and here are some pictures of the store-

The view when you walk in
The view from the display case of cupcakes

The cupcake display case
Have a great day!:)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Quiz- What Shoe are You?

Hey everybody! This is Emma. I thought I'd post a quiz that me and my sister Kendra made.
                                                      What Shoe Are You?

1.) Your favorite flavor of lip balm is-
A. Coca-Cola
B. Vanilla
C. Bubblegum

2.) Your dream birthday party would involve-
A. Rock Climbing
B. Makeovers
C. Taco truck

3.) Your favorite pair of sunglasses is-
A. Wayfarers
B. Cat's eye
C. Bug eye

4.) If you were going to a party, you would wear-
A. Your favorite pair of jeans with a T-shirt
B. A dress with heels
C. A tutu and colorful top

5.) Your dream pet is a-
A. Horse
B. Purse dog
C. Parrot

6.) If you could add a piece to your room it would be-
A. A framed photo of your favorite athlete
B. A sequined throw pillow
C. A bubble chair

7.) There's a platter of cookies at a party.You reach for the-
A. Oatmeal cookie
B. Chocolate chip cookie
C. Rainbow sprinkle cookie

8.) Your favorite present you got for your birthday was-
A. New sports equipment
B. A new purse
C. Colorful socks


If you answered mostly A's you are a: Tennis shoe! You are a busy girl who loves being active. You are very athletic and competitive. You enjoy getting out of your house and trying something new. You're not afraid to get dirty and like to take risks!

Mostly B's you are: Ballet Flats! You are a girly girl who loves shopping, especially with your best friends. You love getting dressed up and LOVE being the center of attention. You like to express yourself through your clothing choices and are a trendsetter.

Mostly C's you are: Knee-high Converse! You're very energetic and love to make people laugh! You don't like to sit still for to long and are always on the move. You're very talkative and love to hang out with your friends. You are funky and wacky and you're not afraid to be a little different.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bomber Jacket Two Ways- Emma's Version


Super by artisticvision
Hello this is Emma! I'll be posting more often. This is how I would imagine how to use a bomber jacket for a casual and formal look. For a casual look I would use a printed shirt, a pair of colored jeans that share the same color that is on the top. Add some boots, a neutral purse, a  simple necklace, and bold earrings for a look you can wear most anywhere. For the formal look, the bomber jacket seems masculine, so I thought pairing it with a feminine, lace dress would a make a great outfit, then add a unique clutch, (if the clutch has more then one color try to add the least used color in that clutch and use that color in a small accessories like I did in the bracelet), then wear a pair of sparkly strappy heels!:) I hope my outfits inspire you to have a fresh and unique twist to whatever you wear!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Burgandy- One of Fall's Hottest Colors

Hello everyone! This is Kendra.:) So, this autumn, burgandy is one of the most popular colors to wear. But when you think about colors that work with burgandy, it feels like only neautrals compliment it! You know- black, brown, white, and cream/tan. But I want to show you how COLORS will work with burgandy- and how to pull it off! Also, burgandy is an eye-catching color, so you might get attention by wearing it! I think it's because it's not a predicitable color. I would treat it like the color red. Or, replace neautrals with burgandy! Here is the burgandy color coordinating chart!-


Forest Green
More Burgandy!
I hope this inspires you to take on the trend!!:) Have a great day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Recommended Read- Close to Famous

Hey everyone! It's Kendra.:) I wanted to share with you a book I love. It's called Close to Famous by Joan Bauer. It's about a twelve-year-old girl named Foster and her mother who move to a small town named Culpepper. Foster is a talented baker with dreams of becoming a famous chef with her own TV show, and her mother is an amazing singer how wants to become a professional singer. Not long after arriving in Culpepper, Foster gets a job at the local coffee shop selling her fresh baked goodies. She also gets some much needed help with something that is very difficult for her- reading. But as soon as Foster and her mom start to settle in, their past comes back to haunt them. But with the help of their friends, they find the courage to put their pasts behind them forever. You guys should totally read this book. I loved it!