Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bomber Jacket Two Ways- Emma's Version


Super by artisticvision
Hello this is Emma! I'll be posting more often. This is how I would imagine how to use a bomber jacket for a casual and formal look. For a casual look I would use a printed shirt, a pair of colored jeans that share the same color that is on the top. Add some boots, a neutral purse, a  simple necklace, and bold earrings for a look you can wear most anywhere. For the formal look, the bomber jacket seems masculine, so I thought pairing it with a feminine, lace dress would a make a great outfit, then add a unique clutch, (if the clutch has more then one color try to add the least used color in that clutch and use that color in a small accessories like I did in the bracelet), then wear a pair of sparkly strappy heels!:) I hope my outfits inspire you to have a fresh and unique twist to whatever you wear!


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