Friday, September 14, 2012

Quiz- What Shoe are You?

Hey everybody! This is Emma. I thought I'd post a quiz that me and my sister Kendra made.
                                                      What Shoe Are You?

1.) Your favorite flavor of lip balm is-
A. Coca-Cola
B. Vanilla
C. Bubblegum

2.) Your dream birthday party would involve-
A. Rock Climbing
B. Makeovers
C. Taco truck

3.) Your favorite pair of sunglasses is-
A. Wayfarers
B. Cat's eye
C. Bug eye

4.) If you were going to a party, you would wear-
A. Your favorite pair of jeans with a T-shirt
B. A dress with heels
C. A tutu and colorful top

5.) Your dream pet is a-
A. Horse
B. Purse dog
C. Parrot

6.) If you could add a piece to your room it would be-
A. A framed photo of your favorite athlete
B. A sequined throw pillow
C. A bubble chair

7.) There's a platter of cookies at a party.You reach for the-
A. Oatmeal cookie
B. Chocolate chip cookie
C. Rainbow sprinkle cookie

8.) Your favorite present you got for your birthday was-
A. New sports equipment
B. A new purse
C. Colorful socks


If you answered mostly A's you are a: Tennis shoe! You are a busy girl who loves being active. You are very athletic and competitive. You enjoy getting out of your house and trying something new. You're not afraid to get dirty and like to take risks!

Mostly B's you are: Ballet Flats! You are a girly girl who loves shopping, especially with your best friends. You love getting dressed up and LOVE being the center of attention. You like to express yourself through your clothing choices and are a trendsetter.

Mostly C's you are: Knee-high Converse! You're very energetic and love to make people laugh! You don't like to sit still for to long and are always on the move. You're very talkative and love to hang out with your friends. You are funky and wacky and you're not afraid to be a little different.

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