Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Southwestern Poncho and Knee-High Boots

Hey, guys! On cold nights, it can be nice to snuggle up in a hoodie or a blanket-- or perhaps even a Snuggie. But what is more stylish than a Snuggie? A poncho! And even if part of your arms aren't covered, they still keep your body really warm. If you are worried about looking too voluminous in one, just wear slim bottoms to balance out the flowing top. I chose to wear my Southwestern poncho with skinny jeans and black boots.

And this is a picture of my hair from the back. It's really easy to do, and if you would like a tutorial, leave a comment below!

Do you have a poncho?
~Kendra :)
Poncho- Forever 21 (similar here)
Skinny Jeans- Tilly's
Knee-High Boots- Famous Footwear


  1. No, I do not have a poncho. Is it a must-have item for my closet?

    1. Oh, that's too bad! I think you should consider adding one to your closet, since they are so fun, comfy, and stylish!:) They're also really easy to wear.;)

  2. Yeah, I have a poncho. It looks great with jeans, a gray t-shirt, my black ballet flats, and my black glasses. My poncho is from Justice and it's lavender with sequins all over the top. P.S. I emailed you today!

    1. That sounds really cute! Sounds pretty artsy to me.:)