Friday, June 12, 2015

Good Friday Outfit: Blue Top and Floral Trumpet Skirt

Hey, everybody! Today I wanted to show you this outfit that I put together for the Good Friday service at my church this year. Yes, it was a while ago, but I thought I would still share this outfit idea with you.;)
Please excuse the poor photo quality of this first shot.:P

As a general rule, I try to wear jewelry and accessories that are all the same color metal, but this time I had a tricky time keeping the color scheme of my accessories in gold. The buttons on my shirt are silver, but the buckle on my belt is gold! I solved the problem by psyching myself out. I wore a gold necklace that distracted from the silver buttons, and made everything look cohesive. Mixing metals is totally acceptable by the way, but I just didn't want to play with that look at the time.
So what do you think of this look? Would you wear it?
~Kendra :)
Royal Blue Shirt- H&M (similar styles here and here)
Floral Print Trumpet Skirt- Kohls
Black Pumps- Payless (other colors available)
Black Lace Camisole- Kohls (similar style here, other colors available)
Belt- Charming Charlie (similar style here)
Gold Necklace- Charming Charlie (other colors available)
Blue and Gold Bracelet- Del Lago's Boutique (similar-ish here, other colors available)

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