Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rainy Day Outfit~ Denim-On-Denim and Silver Accents

Hi, everybody! Today was a rainy day, so I got to bundle up to go to church. I didn't feel like putting very much effort into what I was wearing today, but I still got to wear something that I really like. It's comfy and cozy, yet still chic and put together.
OK, so you know how the whole denim-on-denim trend keeps coming and going? One minute, it's all the rage, then the next, it's considered tacky or too 80's (at least in my mind)? Well, I took that trend on today. The trick is not to wear matchy-matchy denim, and to wear it with confidence. Like I mentioned in the previous post, confidence is key! But even if you don't have very much confidence when it comes to fashion, this is still a really easy outfit to wear. All you need is a light colored chambray top, dark washed jeans, and some neutral basics!
This is the trench coat I topped my denim outfit with. It was a good friend to me in the rain today.

And here is what was underneath the coat! My denim shirt and jeans, sparkly silver converse, and a soft grey infinity scarf. The scarf definitely helped to keep me warm.

I'll admit it, in the past I haven't embraced the denim-on-denim trend with great enthusiasm (at all), but I guess that is something fun about fashion. You can change your mind! You can choose to do something new every day, and you don't have to stick to just one style or idea all the time.
Maybe this inspired you to try a new trend that you haven't dared to before, or maybe you want to give the denim-on-denim look a whirl. Whatever it is, feel free to email me at or comment below with any questions you have.
Have a great day!
~Kendra :)
Chambray Shirt- JCPenney (similar here and here)
Skinny Jeans- Tilly's
Scarf- Target (similar here)
Converse- Walmart
Trench Coat- Target


  1. Love these outfits, and especially love the scarf!
    I absoultely love your blog and as I looked back at some of your previous posts they are just as awesome :)
    If you ever get a chance, feel free to check out my blog!
    -Lauren <3

    1. Thank you so much! You're so sweet!:) I would love to check out your blog! I'll try to make it over there soon.:)

  2. That is such a cute outfit! Perfect for a rainy day :)

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