Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Wish... For Fall Weather!!!

The past two days have been cold and rainy for me, and I loved it! But now the sunshine (and warmth) is back. I LOVE the cold and rainy seasons, especially after wearing the same shorts and tank tops all summer!

I hope that you are enjoying the weather you are having right now. I really want fall to just come and stay, mainly because I want to start dressing like it's fall!

But the two days that were cold and rainy, I got to wear some things that I have been DYING to try! Like layering my cream poodle sweater over my cream dress and seeing what happens! I meant to wear the outfit with black tights and boots, but my tights were in a disagreement with me.:P

So! If you are enjoying cold weather, you've probably been able to wear your new coats, boots, and all of the new fall trends. But of you're scared to try a new trend, just know that sometimes we need to stretch ourselves and try something new!

Like this past week, I wore my bright red and black plaid pants. I was pretty nervous to wear them. I was kind of surprised by that! But I wore them anyway, and I loved it!

So don't be afraid to try new things- whether it's a new clothing trend, a new food, or a new sport! You only have one life, so live it wisely, but also don't be afraid to do something you want to do- unless it's something wrong.;) Live to honor God.

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