Friday, October 26, 2012

Fabulous Fall Purse Selections

There are tons of bags this fall that are in style, so I'm going to give you some selections that are very cute and affordable!:) Plus, I'll give you the trends that these purses have.
This satchel is very versatile. You can pair it with any outfit to spice it up. The fall trends: sparkle, satchel.

Kohls/ Candie's Melissa Glitter Satchel $28 Also available in pink
This bag looks so cozy! Trends: faux fur, big bag.
H&M/ Bag $34.95
This season, there's a saying- Leopard is the new black! Plus, this bag has a detachable strap, so it can turn into a clutch! Trends: animal print, leopard, crossbody bag, clutch.

H&M/ Bag $14.95
This purse is also convertible. It has a wristlet and a shoulder strap, for versatility. Plus, metallic are neutrals, so they go with everything! Trends: metallic, clutch, cross body bag.
Kohls/ Apt. 9 Metallic Glitter Clutch $35 Also available in black
This bag has an equestrian look to it. I think it's really cute! I've seen Taylor Swift use a similar purse. Trends: equestrian, crossbody bag, studded.
JCPenney/ Arizona Studded Crossbody $22 Also available in red and black
This bag can hold all of your stuff-fashionably!:) Trends: menswear, tote bag.

Tillys/ Houndstooth Print Tote Bag $24.99
This bag is sooo cute! Love it! Trends: studded, fringe, crossbody, floral.
JCPenney/ Betseyville Quilted Floral Studded Crossbody $30 also available in blue
Hope you guys like these purses!

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