Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Colors for 2013

 During 2012, everyone in the fashion industry was obsessed with color, especially during the spring. And guess what? That same craze is coming back this spring too! This spring is all about bold colors, but is also about the other end of the spectrum- pastels. In order to wear a bold color in a "real way" (as opposed to the runway), you need to choose either one larger scale item or two smaller items, and then pair them with some neutrals and texture.
Ways to Wear Bold Colors

    Some bold colors to consider trying are yellow (example above),
    Orange (love the gold buttons) -
   Cobalt (intense!) -

   Purple (the lace back is super sweet) -
   Hot Pink (the metal on the collar adds some edge to the shirt) -

   And for the softer end of the spectrum there is...
   Mint (I love this pick because of the trendy leather collar) -
   Petal Pink/Peach (I like the studs on this shirt) -

   Powder Blue (polka dots are a big thing this spring) -
   Periwinkle/Lavender (if you look closely at the collar, there are lavender studs!) - 
   Thanks for reading!:)


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