Friday, February 15, 2013

Blast to the Past- American Girl Dolls

Last Sunday, Emma had her friend come over and play American Girl dolls. And before I knew it, I had dragged out my dolls from under my bed, and started playing with them! We were putting on a fashion show at first, but then it turned into a competition. The winner won the trophy below!

The first round was "Crazy Outfits". There were three contestants in each round, but I didn't take a picture of my doll's crazy outfit. We randomly chose two pieces from our doll's closets, and then crazied them up!

Emma's friend's crazy outfit

Back view of Emma's friend's outfit

Emma's crazy outfit

Back view of Emma's crazy outfit

The next round was "Crazy Hair"!
Emma's friend's crazy hair

Back view of Emma's friend's crazy hair
Ah! My doll went on the runway without clothes!:)

My doll's crazy hair

The back view of my doll's hair

Emma's doll's hair

Back view of Emma's doll's hair

All of the supplies used in Emma's friend's doll's hair
The final round was "Cute Outfits."

Emma's outfit

Emma's doll's hair

My doll's outfit- my doll has a fan (the one in blue is the fan).

My doll's hair

The runway with Emma's doll on it

Emma's doll's outfit
The results- Crazy outfit round winner was Emma's doll! Crazy hair was won by Emma's friend. And the cute outfit contest was won by me!:) Yay! Who do you think should have won in each contest? Emma's doll fainted when she found out that everyone won the contest!

Every doll is a winner!
Actually, it was pretty fun to play with the dolls again. I haven't done anything with them in so long! Did you ever play with American Girl dolls when you were younger?

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