Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy Friday!!! It's Emma, even though at the bottom of the post it says that it's Kendra. I hope you've had a great week. I have!

Sunday: is church, plus I went to my friend's house.

Monday: the usual, we go to a French class and do acting class.

Tuesday: co-op and Starbucks school, I get a pumpkin scone and tea. Then piano, but lately we have been doing dog training.

Wednesday: we go to our grandmas house and AWANA (approved workmen are not ashamed) + American Idol.

Thursday: day home!!! And school, after school our bible study + American Idol

Friday: grandmas house and school! Ugh! LOL.

Saturday: the last day of the week. No school, but I go to AWANA games. Third week into AWANA games.

But enough with crazy school. Time for fashion!!! This was what I wore on Wednesday. I really like it. I hope you do to! Oh and Happy Late Valentine's Day!!!!
Valentines day was fun! We have pics! We'll post them soon.

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