Friday, May 16, 2014

Artsy in Pink and Weekend Challenge!

Hi everyone!
Today, I took photos of Emma wearing what I like to call her "artsy" outfit. She's carrying a big messenger bag that holds her sketch pad, she's wearing a slightly oversized shirt, and she's totally rocking her slighty quirky, but fun, glasses.

I believe that our grandma bought this bag for Emma during her travels in Europe, but our dad gave it to Emma as a birthday present. Our grandpa quizzed us as to where Amsterdam is, and we both got the answer wrong until I looked it up. As it turns out, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands!
Emma and I have decided to add something new and exciting to our blog. We've decided that every Friday, we're going to give you a challenge to complete over the weekend. And if you complete the objective, you can send us a picture of you doing the challenge, and we will put it in a special post each week showcasing everyone who did the challenge! Taking a cue from Emma's outfit today, this week's challenge is to wear something pink!
If you completed the challenge for this weekend, send us a photo of you wearing pink to
Your photo will be used on this blog to showcase your awesomeness! :)
Now, the both of us will be talking to you all again on Monday. We're planning on taking the weekends off from now on. So, enjoy your weekend!
Go to it!

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