Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Runway Post- Brown Trench Coat and Print Dress

Originally from Our Runway- February 14, 2014
Every Friday, I like to dress up a bit for my day. Maybe it's because Friday is kind of a long day for me, and I like to feel good about how I look. Or maybe because I'm out and about, and I like to look nice on my days out. On Fridays, I go with my mom and Emma to take my grandma (who we call "nanny") to get nanny's hair done at the hair salon inside of her senior citizen's community. I spend the morning doing school in the car or on a bench outside of the salon, and then afterwards we go to Marie Callender's to eat lunch. In between school and lunch is when Emma and I shot these pics.
I was excited that the day was cool, so that I could layer. I bought this trench coat about two months ago, and I am absolutely in love with it! It's this pretty brown color with trendy black sleeves, so it goes with practically anything. Whenever I wear this trench coat, I feel like a super-sleuth, but that wasn't the look that I wanted for that day, so I chose to combine my trench coat with a print dress, leggings, and combat boots.

I hope that this outfit inspires you to give the sleuthy staple a try! If you want more ideas on how to wear a trench coat, comment below and I'll make some more outfits with my trenches to give you some ideas.

Have a great day!
Trench coat- H&M (no longer available)
Dress- Target (no longer available)
Scarf- my dad's- ;)
Origami Owl necklace
Combat boots- Nordstrom (no longer available)

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