Friday, May 23, 2014

Read A Book! -Weekend Challenge-

Hi all! Its Emma here. Lately, I haven't been blogging and I'm sorry about that. But..... now I am back!
Today, I want to review one of my favorite books.

"The Wide-Awake Princess"
 "The Wide-Awake Princess" is about a princess who was given the magic blessing/curse of being immune to all magic, so when her sister (who is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty) gets pricked with the needle of a spinning wheel, everyone in the castle falls asleep except for the Wide-Awake princess. The only way to break the sleeping spell is for the Wide-Awake princess to find her sister's true love and have him kiss her.
It's a very fun, unique take on some popular fairytale stories.
The book is written by E. D. Baker, an author of many other fairytale books. "The Wide-Awake Princess" is the first book in the series of three. I have the second book in the series, and while the third book just came out, I haven't yet read it (although I am DYING to read it!).
So that is my review on this book. Your weekend challenge is to read a book! It doesn't have to be any specific kind of book and you don't have to finish it this weekend, but send in a picture of the book you read or have started reading, and if you have finished it or have already read it before, write a small review. The e-mail you'll send the picture to is
Have fun!
-Emma out!!!-;D


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    1. Yes, we are planning on still doing weekend challenges. They aren't all the same, but we are planning on getting back to posting soon. Sorry about the long wait!