Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trend Alert: Tie-Front Blouses

As you may know, tie-front blouses are an item you'll need in your closet this summer. And not only that, but they are easy to style. I have about three in my wardrobe. My newest one, I got at Forever 21 and it is adorable! It was $14.80, so if you have a tight budget and want a trendy tie-front blouse, Forever 21 is your store.

Styling these blouses is super fun and easy! You can definitely get crazy and unique with these shirts. You can pair with skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans... Most anything! You can style a regular tank top dress and throw the shirt over it. With skirts you could try A-line, high low skirts, skater skirt, maxi- the list goes on. Here are some outfit ideas that are inspired by a specific style.

Boho: Tie-front blouse (neutral shades work better for this look), maxi/high low skirt, sandals or flip flops, flower crown/a circular head band pulled down over your forehead, gold jewelry, and cross body bags.
Note: Opal, turquoise, bangles, and lots of small gold rings are very boho, as well as an earth tone color palette.

Girly: Tie-front blouse, dress or skirt, ballet flats/oxfords/heels, girly headbands (for example, one with a flower or bow), rose gold, or pearl jewelry (practically all jewelry works for this look, but no goth or rubber band bracelets), and any kind of purse (just nothing dark, or studded).
Note: Floral, pink, purple, and pastels are very girly. Other girly touches include bows, lace, and hearts. Some cardigans will work with tie-front blouses.

Cowgirl/Country: Denim tie-front blouse (ones with lace backs are stylish; a gingham or plaid pattern is cute too), a lace skirt (if you don't have a shirt with a lace back, you can wear this), jeans/ shorts, (not a skirt with the jeans or shorts, I'm just giving you more options), cowboy boots, a cowboy hat (if you want to go all out), and jewelry (mainly copper, some silver).
Note: Plaid and gingham are very country. Incorporating these patterns with lace and denim is a very cute way to say "cowgirl."

Edgy: Tie-front blouse, denim shorts or jeans, leather jacket (if it's cool out), combat boots, chained or spiked jewelry, and practically any type of purse, except a clutch (extra points for studs).
Note: It's fun to combine the girly and edgy look by wearing the tie-front blouse with a skirt and combat boots. Then you can mix up your accessories- half edgy, half girly. And if you don't know what kind of tie-front blouse to wear with this look, look for darker colors, or greys.

Casual: Tie-front blouse (any print or color you like), jeans or shorts, tennis shoes, simple jewelry, and any purse you want (just not a clutch, unless it's a casual kind ie. not sparkly).


Tropical/Summer: A tropical print tie-front blouse, solid colored shorts or skirt, sandals, simple jewelry (so that it doesn't compete with the bright print of your shirt), and any kind of purse you like (except formal clutches).
Note: Fedoras would look very nice with this style; it comes across with a cool vacation vibe.

I hope that you are inspired to try one (or all) of these looks on for size. If you have a personal style that differs from one of these options and want some help picking out an outfit for your tie-front blouse, drop us a line at
I have to say, that these photos will send you to the original link, but as far as I know, all of these shirts are sold out. But you can still use them for an idea of what to look for. And if you have a certain style that you want, we can definitely help you track one down. Just email us at the address above.
Have a great day!

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