Monday, May 19, 2014

Pink Challenge Completed!

Hello everyone!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, I think I got a lot accomplished and had a bit of fun too. Hopefully I'm going to have more fun this upcoming weekend, but for now, it's back to the grinding stone!
This weekend, I issued you a challenge to wear something pink. I completed the mission, and maybe you did too! I didn't receive any photos this time around, but that just means that I have to get some more participants!
I went to church on Sunday, and then came home and changed into my Cheshire cat t-shirt. I love the Cheshire cat, and this shirt is super comfy, so in all, I love this shirt!

Even my dog Hunny completed the challenge! I discovered that Hunny's favorite color is pink (no joke). I have placed items in front of her to choose from, like a pink towel and a blue towel, and she has always nosed the pink item! And one time I tried to trick her by putting nothing pink in front of her, and she just didn't touch anything! It's crazy!

I hope you had a great weekend, and a great start to the amazing week before us!


  1. Please tell me the challenge for this weekend! I'm eager to do this. :)

    1. Emma is putting together the post for this weekend's challenge, so stay tuned! You can also ask your friends if they would like to start participating as well!:)

  2. Ok, I'll send some emails out to friends! This is such a great blog, people need to know about it:)