Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucille's BBQ and Hiking

Hi everyone!
How was your day? I started mine early, which actually is starting to grow on me. I enjoy getting up in the morning and getting my school done early, so I can focus on the rest of my day. Today I went with my mom to visit my grandma, who we call Nanny. We started the day with Nanny at Lucille's BBQ. I absolutely love it at Lucille's- the entire atmosphere is so southern, and I'm completely charmed by it! Especially because some of the restaurant has a southern, vintage vibe to it. That is where we sat today. Take a look!

These are pictures of the outside porch areas. Too cute!

Lunch was pretty fabulous as well.
I love their peach tea- and you can have the waiter fill up a cup to-go! I love that!

Their biscuits and apple butter is something that I always look forward to at Lucille's.
The main course- a pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. Let's just say that I was in my happy place.
After our day with Nanny, the three of us (Emma, my mom, and I) went for a hike. We really enjoy getting out and seeing nature, and getting some much needed exercise. It's so cool to walk around in the outdoors and enjoy all of the scenery that God has created!
One of our resting spots.

Our dirty, tired feet!

So that was my adventure of the day! It may not seem very adventurous to you, or even to me, but it definitely beats sitting on a couch watching TV all day! Now I get to sit down for a bit and relax.
I'll talk to you soon!
~Kendra :)

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