Monday, October 17, 2016

What Do You Think?

Hey, guys!

So, I was just thinking, Emma and I have made a lot of different types of posts over the years. We've made videos (which we are going to continue doing. It's so fun!), we've done outfit posts, hair and beauty tutorials, photo shoots, vlogs, and who knows what else! We've dabbled in a lot of different things, and I was just wondering...

What are the things that YOU (yes, you) personally get excited to see that we posted?

Do you like photo shoots and outfit ideas, or do you enjoy our silly videos (like Running Shoes, the one we just posted this past week)? Do you have any ideas for things you would love to see us do (Emma note: LIKE CHALLENGES?!)?

Emma and I both have a lot ideas for new videos we would like to make, because as of right now, we enjoy making videos more than actual blog posts. But I thought it would be super fun to hear what you all have to say! I personally love hearing from all of you and seeing what it is that you enjoy the most on our blog or our YouTube channel.

I know that Emma and I don't do the best with blogging regularly, so I want to apologize for that. We haven't quit on the blog or anything, we just really only post when we have something to share with you! And posting more regularly might happen a bit more once we settle into a rhythm of the types of content we make. So please, do share with us what it is you love about our blog and videos, and even tell us what you don't like!

Disclaimer: if you say you don't like something that we particularly love doing (like making funny videos, our Smuggler's Bounty unboxing videos, etc.) we probably will not alter our performance in that area. When we find videos and things we love to do, we aren't likely to stop producing that kind of content.

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from you all soon!

~Kendra :) and Emma-


  1. Do you girls do any cosplays? I did a cosplay once of Tauriel from The Hobbit. There are quite a few ideas on Pinterest. ;)

    1. So sorry for replying so late! But we would love to do cosplays, we just haven't really explored it very much before. We both love the idea of doing it though!

  2. That's fine. :) I think it would be so cool if you did some!