Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kimono, You Know?

Hi everyone! It's Emma!:D
Sorry for the cheesy title, but it's what I thought of.XD
Here's the outfit I promised in the Post-Photoshoot Video Kendra and I did a few posts back.:)

I am wearing a floral kimono with lace detail, a hot pink tank top, jeans that I "capri-d", and flip flops.:)
I have to say, I felt very self-conscious when I took these pictures. I have what I consider to be really long toes, which is why I tend to like closed toe shoes, like converse or boots, so taking pictures where they were exposed made me feel a little awkward. But since I was going for a more "summery" look, I had to wear flip flops.;) I hope you liked the outfit though.:)
What are your go-to shoes?:)


  1. Hey Emma and Kendra! I'm commenting to ask you for some style advice. So, I'm really petite for my age, (I don't think I'm allowed to tell my age, but I'm 4 ft 6 in) and I'm wondering if you girls might have some tips on flattering clothing for a shorter figure. ;) Thanks so much!!! :)

    1. Hi, Katie! In our Q&A video, I answered your style advice question, so stay tuned for that video! It's coming soon.:)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! You look really nice Emma! ��-Kiki-��