Thursday, May 19, 2016

Smuggler's Bounty Unboxing: Bounty Hunter Theme

Hi, everybody! Today we have a new video for you! Emma and I got our Smuggler's Bounty boxes in the mail today, and we wanted to show you the unboxing of our new Star Wars treasures. If you don't know what Smuggler's Bounty is, it is a subscription box that comes in the mail every other month. Every box is Star Wars themed and contains exclusive items from the Funko company. This is our second time subscribing to receive these boxes. We had filmed ourselves unboxing our first boxes a couple months ago, but the video cut off before we had finished... Technology. Pfft.
But anyways, I hope you enjoy the video!
If you are interested in subscribing to these boxes for yourself, visit Smuggler's Bounty online to sign up for the July box. It's Jabba's Palace themed! And visit our YouTube channel to subscribe to our videos and get them even sooner than you will get them on our blog. ;)
~Kendra :)


  1. I love this video! You two are so cute!! And Emma did I notice that you've colored the tips of your hair? It looks awesome! :]

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! Emma did color the tips of her hair, and she says thanks for the compliment as well.:)