Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Elsa from "Frozen" Inspired Outfit

 Hey! Emma here! Okay, who has watched Frozen? Who loves Elsa? I've watched Frozen at least 10 times, and my all-time favorite character is Elsa! I love just how elegant and amazing she is, and she has the coolest dress! So, quite awhile ago, I made an outfit inspired by Elsa's dress. Now I didn't have a lot of skirts (forget having blue skirts), so I had to settle for my classic black skirt. I paired my black skirt with my sparkly deep blue shirt, my black belt, blue earrings, light blue bracelet and my trusty converse!

I just love my bracelet! I got it from my Grandma and it's has such an antique-y feel to it!

I hope you liked my outfit and I hope that you liked my post!
                                                    Who's your favorite character from Frozen?

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