Monday, July 28, 2014

Nature Colors- Outfit Post

On Sundays, I really like getting dressed up for church, so for church two weeks ago, I put together this outfit. I don't know about you, but I find it more of a challenge to get dressed nicely in the summer, due to the heat. I like when the weather is cool, and I can add layers to my outfits and make it look cool. But in the summer, adding layers is kinda crazy. The most layer-y that I can usually get in the summer is a cardigan or a button down shirt worn over a tank top.
But even with weather problems, I still was able to make an outfit that wasn't too warm. I also really like the color scheme of this outfit, because it wasn't someting that I had really thought of before. The colors are inspired by nature somewhat- browns, greens, and blues... So I guess God thought of the color scheme first!

I hope that you like this outfit post, and that it inspired you to put together a cool new look that you love!
~Kendra :)