Thursday, March 31, 2016

Floral and Flecks: Pattern Mixing and Layering Techniques

Hello, everybody!
So, if you have watched our very first video, you got to experience a sneak peek of what this post would hold. So, here it is -- my outfit that involves layering and mixed prints!

So, if you're confused by how I achieved this layered look, I started with a white camisole, wore a fringed navy tank top over the camisole, and then finished by wearing a floral crop top on top of that! This is a fun outfit to wear in the spring, thanks to the short sleeves and floral print. And it's also a great way to wear a crop top without exposing your stomach!
Also, if you want to know a secret to pulling off mixed prints, I would recommend you start by wearing two prints that are similar in color scheme, but different in scale. For example, in my outfit I wore two patterns that are similar in color (blue), but the floral pattern is larger in scale than the flecked pattern of the fringed top. And if you aren't too sure about your finished look, you can always add a basic piece in a neutral color to help balance your outfit out. Or, take a picture and send it to my email at! I'd be happy to give you some guidance! :)
So, will you try pattern mixing?
~Kendra :)
My Outfit
White Camisole: Kohls
Navy Fringed Tank Top: Kohls (similar-ish styles here and here)
Floral Crop Top: Kohls (similar style here)
Distressed Jeans: Kohls
Silver Glitter Boots: Kohls (similar style here)
Rhinestone Heart Necklace: Hand-me-down (similar style here)

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