Sunday, March 13, 2016

May the Force Be with You - Comfy Cardigan and a Ton of Fandom

Hi everyone, Emma here!:)
This morning, I looked at both of our outfits and told her that we should take pictures, since we both are wearing something I consider pretty cute.;)
Here is my outfit, which consists of a black cardigan, a "May the force be with you" shirt, light jeans, and black boots.
(Which I totally feel look like pirate boots...just putting that out there.XD) 
All I need is a light saber and I am Star Wars ready!;) 
My cardigan is actually my sister's cardigan. It's one of the things I borrow most from her closet.;D 

Kendra told me to look off dramatically, so I did.XD 
My shirt is from Kohls and, oddly enough, it's a pajama shirt! I wear it as both a pajama shirt (it goes great with my fluffy Star Wars pajama pants) and a normal shirt.;)
May the force be with you!
Which "Fandoms" are you a part of?:)


  1. Hi! I love your shirt, and I have a cardigan that is supposed to be pajamas, but that I wear almost daily as a regular cardigan. (Really though, why wear a cardigan to bed, when you can wear it out and about?) I am part of the Narnia, LOTR, Star Wars and Percy Jackson fandoms!!!!!!
    I wish I could be a professional fangirl when I grow up. That would be awesome.
    Keep up the awesome blogs!

    1. Thanks, Mira!:) Being a professional fan girl would be amazing! Sign me up!;) Thanks again!:)

  2. these are really good photos , you look wonderful in that outfit!:)

    1. Thank you so much, Quinley.:)