Friday, March 15, 2013

Bridesmaid Dresses

I'm so excited! My mom just ordered my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding! I'm the fashion coordinator for my sister's wedding, and this started out as a huge responsibility. My sister wanted all of us bridesmaids to wear coordinating dresses, but for them to all be different! The big eclectic bridsmaids' dresses trend was what my sister is going for. So I set out to find dresses for all of my sister's bridesmaids. After awhile, my sister just told all of her bridesmaids to just find a dress in a light pink or peach color. Lace was also desirable. My sister wanted a vintage look at first, but now we're going a bit more fancy.

Soooooooo.... Now I'm just going to (hopefully) coordinate the accessories! I'm excited for that.:) But I won't be surprised if I don't get to do that either. But one thing I know for sure, is that I will get to accessorize myself! This dress that I just ordered is so cute- it's a light pink color with an ivory or cream band around the waist. It's also got some pleating details on it. The following picture isn't the best picture of it (my mom took the picture from her iPad with her phone.), but I will show it to you when it arrives.:)

I can't tell you the hardships I went through to find this dress! I had originally decided to purchase this dress from Modcloth, but they ran out of my size the day that I decided to order it! I couldn't believe it!!! I was pretty upset... But then I got up and kept searching! I looked at TONS of dresses. Then I found this dress. It's everything I wanted- it's long enough (meaning, hits above my knee. All of my dresses need to be that length, because that is what is modest- and what is modest is pleasing to the Lord.:), this dress is the color that my sister wanted, and I can re-wear it again and again after the wedding! And here is the SUPER cool thing- when we ordered it, Modcloth only had one of these dresses left... AND IT WAS IN MY SIZE!!! I got the very last one available, and as soon as my mom finished ordering it, the website said that it wasn''t available anymore, and wouldn't ever be restocked. So, I got the very last one EVER available! I feel so special.:) Can't wait for it to arrive, and to show you how it looks!

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