Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekend Challenge Completed- Pain and Pitfalls

Hi everyone!
 So sorry that I haven't posted lately. I was planning on posting on Monday, but then I didn't have time, and it all spiraled from there. But today, I have some photos to share with you from this weekend's challenge!
In brief, I challenged you to wear something in honor of your pet this weekend. My dog Hunny is a cream standard poodle, so I wore a cream peasant blouse.

I hope that you completed the challenge as well!
Today was a bit of a rough day for me. I had a good day overall, but there were a few instances that weren't so pleasant. I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to get ready to go with my mom to take my brother to work, so that wasn't very fun. But it gave me time to complete my schoolwork early on!
Then this evening, my two sisters, my mom, and I went for a run around the park, and while we were stretching, Emma put her leg up in the air to stretch it, but when she brought it down, she slammed it into my face. I thought that I would have scratches on my face, but I don't think I do.
Then when we got home, I kinda fell in the yard and twisted me ankle. It feels OK right now, but I'm hoping that it won't hurt too badly tomorrow! But even though there were some harder patches today, I really did have a great day. Everyday is a gift from God, so I try to enjoy it! I hope that you had a great day as well.
~Kendra :)

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