Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Banana Peel Acne Treatment- Seriously AMAZING

I want to share with you something amazing- a way to significantly heal acne! May I present... The banana peel method! If you peel a banana and use small squares of the peel on your skin, it works wonders. I've used this technique a couple times, and let me just say this- one day my skin had (basically) a hole in it from where I picked off a bad scab, and after one treatment with the banana peel, my skin had already started healing together by that night. It was still red and scabbing mind you, but my skin had already started to heal up the layers of skin. In fact, one of the layers had already healed and dried up by that night. Honestly, banana peels are skin miracle workers.
If you have some acne that you would like to disappear over the course of a few days, then just follow these instructions--
Peel a banana and cut up the peel into squares-- I usually end up with three long strips of banana peel, then I can cut those up into about four pieces each.
Take the squares and rub them onto your (clean, lotion free) skin where you want the acne to go away. Keep rubbing until the peel is turning brown, or you see the brown residue starting to show up on your skin.
Once you have completed the rubbing, then let the banana residue stay on your skin for 15-20 minutes. (The longer the better!) Then you can rinse your face off.
This is one treatment. I usually do two treatments a day- once in the morning, and once at night. If you want, you can do it again in the middle of the day, but from my experience, twice a day is enough. Now everyone, get ready for amazing skin!
~Kendra :)

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