Friday, September 5, 2014

Bold Patterns and Weekend Challenge

Hello everyone!
I apologize for the lack of recent posts. This past week, I was out of town in Texas! It was a great trip, and I might be sharing some photos that I took there soon. But for now, I have this outfit that I made for church on Sunday.
I had found this skirt on the clearance rack at Dress Barn about a month ago, and my mom was so kind as to buy it for me online a little while later. I had seen a lady trying it on in the dressing room and she had no idea what to wear with it. I'm an introverted person, so I didn't pipe in with my opinion at the time, but I wish I had. She was trying to find a top to go with this vibrant skirt, and pretty much any of the shirts she was trying on would have gone with the skirt. I don't think that the lady bought the skirt, but my advice would have been to tuck whatever shirt she chose into the skirt and add a belt! It instantly flatters your figure, because it adds a defined waistline and draws attention to the smallest part of you.
I love this skirt because it's beautiful and actually very versatile as well. I have a ton of ideas for wearing it- cardigans, denim jackets, belts, jewelry, sandals, heels... It's all about mixing it up! But here is my first outfit wearing this eye-catching skirt.

Some people might look at this skirt all by itself and be intimidated to wear it due to the "loudness" of it. Lots of color and sparkle can make some people want to run and hide in their trusty basics, but I'm here to dare you to try something bold! This blog is called Uniquely You because I believe that everyone is unique, and that you should have fun expressing it. If you want to wear something bold but are afraid of it looking silly on you, then just follow these basic steps-
Choose a piece of clothing with the bold pattern of your choice.
Find the colors in the pattern and choose one other solid piece of clothing to wear with the pattern (if your pattern has only two colors and one of them is a neutral, you should go with the neutral color).
Add basic/neutral pieces to help tone down the pattern (if what I mentioned before about having only two colors applies to you, then you can choose another neutral that coordinates- like denim.)
Complete with accessories.
I hope that this has inspired you to try something more bold and daring! Speaking of which.... That is your weekend challenge- to wear a bold pattern. Take a picture of yourself in your bold pattern outfit and send it to my email ( and I'll use your photo as a feature in Monday's post!
I hope I'll be hearing from you!
~Kendra :)
Cardigan- Kohls (old)
Camisole- Kohls (this purple color may not be available)
Belt- Probably Kohls (came with a dress)
Skirt- Dress Barn
Flats- C28/NOTW (old)
Necklace- Origami Owl

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