Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bomber Jacket Two Ways- Kendra's Version

Bomber Jacket Two Ways

                                                              Bomber Jacket Two Ways by fashiongal96

Hey guys! It's Kendra.:) I am introducing a new feature to the blog. My sister Emma and I are going to do this post of both of our ideas of how to wear a piece of clothing two ways. I'll be posting her idea in a few days. She will make two looks and so will I. This is my idea of how to wear a bomber jacket two ways. If you want, wear boots with the casual look. Also, if it's cold out or the dress is too short, pair tights with the pumps or leggings with boots for the formal look. Leather pieces(shirts, jackets, pants) are a big trend for this fall, FYI. Have a great day!

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