Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer pieces turned Fall/Winter

Summer pieces turned Fall/Winter

Summer pieces turned Fall/Winter by fashiongal96

Hey everyone! It's Kendra.:) This is my idea of how to turn some summer staples into cold weather wear! How to get the pink outfit- wear your summer tank with long pants(printed or jeans), add an unbuttoned cardigan, cinch with a belt, add some boots and accessories, and your look is complete! How to get the red outfit- take your summer shorts and layer them on top of leggings or tights. If your shorts are a solid color or denim, you can use a patterned legging incorporating the color in your shorts. If your shorts are patterned, choose a color in your shorts and find some leggings in that color. Add a long sleeve shirt, boots, a jacket(if it's cold), and some accessories. Quick note: who says that black and brown don't go together! You just need to mix the same amount of both colors in your outfit. The leopard leggings in the red outfit pull the brown and black pieces together as well. If you have a scarf or something with both black and brown in it, you can use that to pull your outfit together! If you have some summer pieces that you would like to have turned into cold weather clothes, let me know by either emailing me(see my profile) or comment below. But if you email me, your request will be made public. If you don't want your name used or made public, I can make you anonymous. Also, if you like a piece of clothing in any of my examples, I can give you the info for it(price, where to buy, if it's still available). Have a great day!:)

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