Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to wear patterned pants!

Hey there! A couple days ago, I recommended patterned pants, because they are a HUGE trend right now, and because they are so cute! But, I realized that I didn't show you HOW to wear them! So, here are some ideas-
1.) Pick a color in your pant(probably not the color that predominent) and use that color for your shirt. If your pants are a neutral color, then use a color that compliments or contrasts with the pants.
2.) Your shirt shouldn't be a pattern, but it could possibly have a photo on the front, like a graphic top.
3.) If it isn't too warm, add a textured vest, cardigan, or jacket. Then add some accessories!
Here's a link to an outfit following these guide lines.:) Have a fantastic day!
dELiAs > Vintage Floral Skinny Jean > jeans > shop by wash > print & color

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