Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recommended Read

Hello everyone! Kendra here!:) I just wanted to recommend a book that I read recently, Wild Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff. Lidie lives in Brazil, where she rides, a wild girl dreaming of going to live with her father, Pai, and older brother, Rafael, in New York City. Pai runs a stable at a famous race track. Since her mother died long ago, Lidie has lived with relatives. Now she's 12—ready to leave Brazil for New York. Meanwhile, a filly is born and begins her journey to a new home. As Lidie's story unfolds, so does the filly's. In New York, Lidie finds that moving to another country is a big challenge. And Pai and Rafael still think of her as the little girl they left behind. But she's determined to befriend, and ride, the spirited filly her father has just bought: Wild Girl. Lidie is also struggling through the book because she doesn't speak much English, and she has a hard time at school because of it. It's a small book, but I liked it a lot. You should check it out.:)

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