Monday, July 18, 2016

Hipster Photoshoot

Hi everyone! Emma here!
A couple weeks ago, Kendra did my make up and hair, then we did a photoshoot.:) I put on my glasses and one of Kendra's sweaters to make me look "hipster-y".;) I hope you like the photoshoot.:)

Kendra had wanted me to have a book, so I chose "Get Happy" by Mary Amato. It's an awesome book, I totally recommend it.:) 
For my make up, we tried to do a sort of Adele look, I really liked how it turned out.:) 
For my hair, Kendra did a messy bun!:) 
Being in a sweater really made me want winter back, since I was really hot in it. I can't wait for winter- boots and sweaters again! My favorite.;)
I hope you guys liked the pictures.:)
P.S. Check out the time lapse of my makeover below!


  1. Hipster Photoshoot reminds me of Hipster Whale in Crossy Road. XD you look great, Emma!

  2. This is awesome!! I especially love the time lapse -- that was fun to watch!
    Sweaters are the best... :)

    1. Thanks, Katie! I hoped that the time lapse would be enjoyable!:)

  3. this is a really cool outfit