Friday, November 2, 2012

Cute Finds!

Hey guys! I'm going to give you some cute ideas for the cold weather that will hopefully inspire you! All of these adorable peices came from

This sweater is adorable and easy to wear- pair with black skinny jeans, yellow bag, and navy/black knee-high boots.

This knit sweater would look daring and bold paired with gray jeans, red converse, and a yellow bag.

This classic item would be perfect with white skinny jeans, a purple bag, and black ankle boots.

Simple sweater, but the easiest piece of your closet to style, pair with white skinny jeans, sparkly flats, and a yellow purse.

There are so many other designs for this shirt at Kohls like houndstooth, skulls, polka dots, stars, and hearts.

This long sweater coat looks great with denim skinny jeans, a pair of wedges, and a yellow purse.

This sweater is super preppy which I love. All you need to do is add with denim jeans and converse.

This sweater is very comfy and you can pair with ANYTHING!

I hope you have a great night! Stay tuned for tomorrow- when I return from my shopping trip!

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