Sunday, November 18, 2012

Featured Reader- McKenna C.

Hey everyone! This is my interview with the featured reader- my best friend McKenna!

K:“What's your favorite color to wear?”

McK:“Baby blue.”

K: “What piece of clothing could you not live without?”

McK: “My Rock 47 jeans.”

K: “What is your favorite nail polish color?”

McK: “Either french tips or black.”

K: “What trend are you most excited about this fall?”

McK: “What are the trends this fall?(I list some of the trends) Oh! Riding boots!”

K: “Who is your favorite band/singer?”

McK: “Ok... gosh this is really hard... (there's a major deliberation going on) Ok, it's probably a tie between Jason Aldean and Eric Church.”

K: “What is your favorite book?”

McK: “Watership Down by Richard Adams. It's about a colony of rabbits whose land is being taken over by farmers and they're killing the rabbits. Then they have to find a new territory, and they find another colony of rabbits and think that they're good and stuff, but then they realize that this colony of rabbits is like a cult. So they have to take over the leader to help the other colony of rabbits so that they can have a happy life.”

K: “Your style in a word.”

McK: “Country.”

K: “Who is your style icon?”

McK: “Me? Hmm... Maybe.. Uh! I don't know!”

K: “ Who is your favorite actor/actress?”

McK: “(gasp!) What's his name?!?! AH!!! Hold on!- (looks up on Google the guy's name) Oh! Chris Hemsworth!”

K: “If you could only wear one type of jewelry for a year, what would it be?”

McK: “My earrings, because my holes would close up, and I wouldn't want to redo them!"

K: “What's your favorite store at the mall?”

McK: “Umm.. what's it called? I have a bad memory of remembering names of things... Umm, let's just say Wet Seal! Cuz I do like them!”

K: “What's your favorite accessory?”

McK: “A saddle. Haha! Let's see... My leather belt with the belt buckle that I won at the county fair for my supreme grand champion turkey.”

K: “Would you rather wear a tiara or a cowboy hat?”

McK: “Uh, duh! Cowboy hat!”

K: “What's one thing you would change about yourself?”

McK: “Ummm... I would make my hair have a little waviness in it.”

K: “What are three things you love about yourself?”

McK: “I like my tallness, my eyes, and I like that I can get a tan easily. And if I get sunburned it turns into a tan within a few days.”

K: “Do you have a piece of clothing with sentimental value?”

McK: “Hmm... I actually have a lot of pieces of clothing with sentimental value. I guess it would be this shirt my grandma and I are making together.”

K: “What makes you unique? Or makes you feel unique?”

McK: “Everything about me kinda. Everyone is always telling me,'Woah! You're really tall!' or, 'I can't believe how straight your hair is naturally!' And where I live too, sometimes people can't believe what kind of person I am, and that I ride horses and stuff."

McKenna's favorite accessory 

One of McKenna's favorite outfits


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this interview! If you would like yo be featured next time, just email us at and I might choose you! If you are selected, then I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out. You can then send me your answers and a photos of you in your favorite outfit(s)! Have a great day!


  1. Can you do this again please and interview me?

    1. Of course!:) I sent you an email with the questionairre in it to the address you emailed me at.