Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sparkles and Studs

Sparkles and studs are two of the world's favorite trends of today. I have a love for sparkle and so does Kendra, something about the glitter, shine, glimmer, shimmer, sparkle, and twinkle on any item, makes me happy. If you look in my closet you'll find multiple sparkly clothes including my "glitter is my favorite color" T, my bedazzled skinny jeans, my tutu, and so much more. Sparkles are so cute cause they go with almost everything. They also will be so adorable for the upcoming holidays!

Studs are so cool cause they give you that biker look of "don't mess with me." But even though they have a tough appearance, they give you a nice edge to whatever you're wearing. Add a cool vibe to boots with these sharp pyramids, and maybe your next buy will be a leather jacket with studs sewn into the pocket. These 3D triangles are super fun to play around with, so think of them and make one of your buys unique and unexpected with these studs! Hang out 'cause my next post will be about lace! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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